Release Day Blitz ~ The Other Brother by Hazel Kelly

Release Day Blitz ~ The Other Brother by Hazel Kelly

Evening all,

Welcome to a very late (it is 19.35 pm here) Release Day Blitz for The Other Brother by Hazel Kelly! Sorry it’s here so late, I only just got the mail 10-20 minutes ago.

To celebrate the release of this book I got several teasers (sexy ones) + an excerpt for you all to enjoy. And of course I will tell you about the book/author.

I want to wish the author a happy book birthday, enjoy your day!

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College dropout Piper has been down on her luck for years, and she’s beginning to doubt whether she’ll ever achieve her dream of becoming a professional chef.

So when a handsome stranger who’s frostier than frozen food offers her a job that seems too good to be true, she’s in no position to ask questions. Yet the longer she works for him, the more she has.

Unfortunately, her billionaire boss is determined to keep Piper in the dark, especially about his past. But little does she know, her warm presence is making him think about his future for the first time in years, a future he increasingly hopes she’ll be a part of.

Can New York’s beastliest bachelor open his heart to the beautiful young woman he saved on a hunch? Or will his demons drive her away before he finds the courage to admit his feelings?

Pre-order here:Amazon

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About the author:

Hazel Kelly is an Amazon bestselling author who writes sweet and steamy romance that will make you smile all over.
When she’s not traveling the globe in search of cozy hammocks to write in, she enjoys tackling her tbr list with a nice big glass of anything will do. She lives in Dublin with a charming Irishman and their three-legged furbaby.

Find her here:     

Excerpt time.

“What time do you get off work?”

I glanced at my preoccupied colleagues in the crowded kitchen behind me and then back at him. “I should be done by eleven. Why?”

“There’s a diner down the street. I want you to meet me there.”

My face puckered like he’d squirted lemon juice at me. “What?”

“It’s called Rudy’s,” he said. “I’ll be the guy in the corner booth who looks pleased you’re on time.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but he’d already excused himself without waiting for my response. Dumbstruck, I stared after him, watching his long black coat swing behind him as he wove his way
through the busy kitchen and saw himself out.

What the heck was that about?

It sure wasn’t a date because you ask people on a date. You don’t order them.

I mean, that was super high on the list of things you don’t do, right? Up near the top next to you don’t meet weird men you don’t know in the middle of the night. I didn’t even know his name, for crying out loud!

But by the time I glanced at the clock, the decision was made.

I was going, and I wouldn’t be late.

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