Review for 8♀1♂ (Hachiichi) Vol.3 – Vol.5

Review for 8♀1♂ (Hachiichi) Vol.3 – Vol.5

This is going to be a review for Volume 3 to 5. Which I binge read as it was just too much fun!

I wanted to continue this series despite it WAY over the top ecchiness. I just couldn’t resist any longer. The series is just too cute and fun despite the ecchiness and how graphic it is (for real, it is pretty dang graphic). But I am also kind of getting used to these over the top ecchi scenes, I know if I read this one 10 years ago I would have dropped it as soon as I saw just a hint of ecchiness, but now I am OK with it a bit more. I still feel embarrassed reading it though. 😛 For some weird reason.

I have written a shortish review per volume. All 3 volumes are rated 4 stars!

In volume 3 there is plenty of things happening. This time we get a closer look at Midori, we visit her school (along with our MC’s best friends who are just totally excited about the idea of visiting a girls-only school), and our MC and she have a hot scene! Up next is another girl, the lazy girl, Ai-chan. A very sexy scene follows in the library, oh my! Then it is time for Nana-chan, and sorry I am just not a fan of this girl. Too stoic, too meh. But the date was cute, and the hot kiss that follows after it, wow. Kaede-chan is next, yep we are going through all the girls, and a confession is made. I had a bit of a laugh at the chapter after that when our MC was just thinking about all the girls and how much he did with them, but that he is still apparently not satisfied???? I did like his resolution at the end of the chapter though. The next chapter deals with that and there is also a surprise, oh my! The last chapter continues on that and we meet our MC’s brother (not a fan) and his wife (a fan of her though).

Volume 4 continues the wedding stuff, making me further pissed at our MC’s brother. I just wanted to kick him between the nuts for how he talked to Miyu-chan and what he did. You are married dude, she is promised to your brother, just no. This volume also brings something that is pretty embarrassing, at least for Miyu. She can’t get wet. There is tons of stimulating things happening but apparently her body just doesn’t want to get wet in any way. I felt sorry for her, but was very happy that Shinichirou kept trying to help her out, of course with her permission, because she definitely wants to feel something, get wet. We see them both try out various things.
So that thing with Yui-chan in chapter 36… didn’t make me too happy. You are so focused on Miyu, and then you screw around with the other girls as well? Not classy in my book.
The pool was fun though, seeing him and his girls go swimming and just having fun was a delight. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing him discover what makes his girls tick and see him have hot scenes with them, but these kind of things are also a delight.
And then there are plenty of sexy scenes, most of them involving the girls to go pretty much naked and coming, but there were also some scenes that had Shinichirou getting some relief. I had to laugh at chapter 42 though. 😛
The chapter ends with our girls and dude going off to the wedding! I had a laugh that Shinichirou didn’t have a clue what Maldives was and how the girls were just looking at him with stares that said it all.

Volume 5 is pretty much all about the wedding, we meet a new family member, see Shinichirou’s brother being absolutely horrible. There are also tons of sexy times on the beach, and there is a very very hot scene between Shinichirou and Miyu with a very happy ending that made me smile. Yay! I am glad with what they decided, however there are hints that maybe not all is what it is seemed. Oh my.
I will miss that island scene, it is just such a breath of fresh air, plus it made everything seem even more special!
We have a double/triple date with Midori-chan and her friends and of course Shinichirou’s friends. But there is a shocking ending, and I just DIDN”T LIKE THE GIRL. I never liked her when we first met her, but who the hell just stalks their friend and her fiance to their home and looks into the window? sighs Was this really necessary to add to the mix? Couldn’t we just have dropped that crap and let things go as it was supposed to go? Now I am sure she will play a big role in the next volume and I am not looking forward to it.

As you can see I had plenty of fun reading this one, I have to say I had to cool myself down a bit after reading so many of the sexy scenes. Oh my! I will soon continue with the series, over halfway there (the series ends on chapter 100), and I can’t wait to see who Shinichirou will pick. I do hope it won’t be the obvious choice of that girl, but I guess it may actually go that route given certain things.

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