Review for Hare Kon Vol.12 – Vol.14

Review for Hare Kon Vol.12 – Vol.14

Blue Cover, Scarf, Smiling Girl, Pink Scarf, Hare Kon, Non, Manga, Romance Welcome to the second bundling of Hare Kon volumes! This time Volume 12 to 14.

Phew, what a trio of volumes this one was! We get some short chapters with daily life of our hare kon peeps, Yuzu + Ryuu + Koharu, but Volume 12 and 13 are mostly about one person. In Volume 12 that is Urara and in 13 that is Yuzu! I am kind of glad with the backstory/given these characters some extra spotlight though of course I am also a bit sad and would like to see more Ryuu x Yuzu x Koharu. 🙂 And I don’t know, I am getting a bit bored.

I wrote a short review per volume.

Volume 12: : This time Urara gets a whole (or most) of the volume. The last we saw her we read that she has to go through an Omiai by her parents right after she graduates and this one shows us that she wants to tie the last ends before agreeing (or not). She has someone she loves after all, even if that someone is married (but hey, there is always hare kon ;P) and her teacher. Yup. Urara has had a crush on her teacher for a long time and in this volume she will finally gather her all to confess. I loved seeing Ryuu, Koharu, and Yuzu all there and trying to help Urara out. The final chapter of this arc was really nice, and I am so happy for Urara. Good job girl!
After that we are back to our group of three, and I wasn’t a fan of how Koharu acted about Ryuu’s present. I thought it was pretty sweet of him to make a riddle and then meet her up at a very special spot. I wasn’t a fan of him drugging her (OK, so she drugged herself…) and then doing ecchi things to her. She clearly said no (then again, she always says no…..) and even tried to get away (then again she also does that a lot). sighs I guess it is just how Koharu works? Eh?
This volume ends with a shocking revelation, oh my goodness!
All in all, a pretty OK volume. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like a whole Urara-centric arc, but in the end I quite liked it.

School uniform, Brown/Beige, Manga, Girl, Hare Kon, Romance, Non, MangaVolume 13: : A Yuzu-centred volume! After the revelation of last time we learn more about Yuzu, about how she is having another guy on the side (though that guy was actually her first love) and who she may or may not be pregnant with. Yes, this confused me greatly. I get that you may go without protection with your husband, Ryuu, but to forego that with another guy? Ehhhhh, it didn’t make me feel happy yay yay about her. But I was still interested in reading more about her past, even if I didn’t like her lazy slob of a boyfriend (really, that guy should pick up his life). We see how she and Ryuu met, which had me in stitches given it was a very Ryuu-kind of thing. We see her and her boyfriend and also Madoka and Ryuu live together in one big house.
I wasn’t sure how I felt about Ryuu stealing away Yuzu, on the one hand I was cheering for it because it was clear that while she loved the guy she was also broken because of how he never seemed to grow up. Always wanting to play.
There are a couple of sex scenes.

Volume 14: : Meh, that is my reaction to this volume. Yes, it was pretty good, but I don’t know. I really came here for the Hare Kon and in the mean time Madoka has left, Yuzu was on the verge of leaving. It feels like in the end Yuzu will still leave and that Koharu will be left. The one that Ryuu truly loves. But yeah, again, I was looking forward to see 3 wives and 1 guy get on with each other and be a family.
In this volume more about Yuzu and her pregnancy. Joe and Ryuu get along pretty well (as Koharu said and I agree, they are like brothers), they aren’t going after Yuzu and I am kind of happy with that. Sure, it would be nice if they did go after her, but giving her room is more important this time round. Koharu is on the case anyway and I loved how she was following Yuzu around or getting angry at the guys for how they acted. 😛 There were tons of conversations, important ones and some made me cry. The ending had me crying even further. Koharu, that was just the best! You are sweet. I am glad to see that side of her. I also still quite like Ryuu. Yes, he is a meanie at times, but I also think he is really nice, he really cares about the girls.
Oh, and we find out why Yuzu was wife #1!

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