Review for xxxHolic Vol.1

Review for xxxHolic Vol.1

“There is no such thing as coincidence, only hitsuzen.”

I decided it was high time to re-read (re-re-re??) one of my favourite series of all time: xxxHolic! Yesterday I was waiting for the person who lived her before us to pick up her mail (still coming in) and decided to grab a random manga from my shelves. It was xxxHolic that I picked.

I was immediately sucked in again. Immediately invested again.

We go to the first meeting between Watanuki and Yuuko, how one moment he was battling the spirits and the next is being dragged by his long noodle legs to Yuuko’s home. To how he is now working for her, to seeing Watanuki again and not always be a fan of his behaviour. I get that he probably became this way because of how everyone left him, how he can see things that no one else can and how that is a struggle for him, but still he pisses me off at times. Thankfully, I know that he will grow. It will take a while, but I know he will become better, he will get more mature, more grown-up. Plus, despite his anger issues you can see he is a hard worker and he doesn’t mind caring for Yuuko that much (even though he will complain all he can).

It was great fun to see Yuuko again, I just love her. She can be lazy one moment and the next be superserious. I love her outfits and her character design is just perfection.

I just love seeing various characters from other CLAMP series (or hear about them) + now that I know what Watanuki is… it makes a better read.

I am also happy to see Himawari again, though I also feel sad. Can’t wait to see a certain character next and see the bickering start. Not sure if I am totally happy with that bickering, but I guess now I can also see that these two truly care about each other. Even though they, especially Watanuki I guess, may deny it with big words.

There is plenty of humour, enough seriousness (and philosophy) , and of course tons and tons of supernatural going-ons. For instance the girl with the bad habit, I felt sorry for the girl, and I kept wishing she would find out about her habit.
I just loved the premonition near the end and what that led to. I still remember when I first read this manga and was just absolutely OMG-ing because of what happens. This time I know, but I was still squeeing in delight.

And of course the art is just gorgeous. Yes, the people are mostly noodle-ish, but I still love the designs and all the little details you can find everywhere. The outfits on the characters are just beautifully drawn. Especially when Yuuko goes in full fortune telling/wish granting mode she wears some exquisite things.

I am not entirely sure about the translation, at times it felt a bit weird/off.

Going to be reading the other volumes soon. Upping my rating to 4.5 stars.

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