Vacation TBR ~ Honeymoon Edition

Vacation TBR ~ Honeymoon Edition

Afternoon all,

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My honeymoon starts tomorrow and I can’t wait! I am so so so excited to see where we are going to and I can’t wait to spend some very romantic days with my hubby.

Of course, I am a book lover after all, I need to at least bring something with me to read. Even though I am pretty sure the only times I will read are waiting at the airport and flying. 😛 Since I am flying though I am bringing only my Kindle with me. I would love to bring some real books, but I got only room for hand luggage, so room is limited.

But I got my Kindle stocked with at least 6 books that I can’t wait to read, I already know which one I want to read first!

So without further ado, here is my Honeymoon Kindle TBR. Some romance, some horror/thriller, a nice blend and it is perfectly aligned with what I want to read at the moment.

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