Library Haul ~ 12-8-2019

Library Haul ~ 12-8-2019

Hi all!!!

Welcome to a new Library Haul! Yep, I just couldn’t resist popping by a library again. It has been pretty blehish weather here with rain followed by a bit of sun followed by more rain and even some stormy winds. So I have been mostly reading/popping by on twitter/sleeping. I still have a bunch of books left, but I wanted something fresh, something new to read as the coming few days will also be wet/unsummery.

I knew that the one closest to me wouldn’t have any new books (went there twice and had no luck/barely any luck each time), I already visited the big library in the city (plus going there wouldn’t be easy), I went to a smaller library a bit further from the campsite but didn’t think it would deliver another good haul, and so for today’s visit I wanted go to a new library. This one should have some magazines for me to check out + I spotted a book I was interested in at the catalogue. It was, time-wise, around the same distance as the library I visited last week.

So off we went, and oh boy I was delighted that I visited this library. No pictures this time as it was a pretty standard library and had no fancy thingymajigs, but the atmosphere was lovely. Quiet and calm. Plus they had plenty of books that I wanted to bring with me, my arms quickly filled with books, and then later some magazines. I even found another Hilda book, the one I still needed to read! Yippee~

It will be my final library visit to get books, on Saturday we are heading back home, so I will probably go to the nearest library on Friday to bring back these (and the other 4 books I still have as my hubs needs to read them still).

I just love the fact I can read from so many libraries with just one pass. It would be lovely if that could also go for all the libraries. Just one pass. Not having to carry 3 or 4 passes for each of my libraries. I can’t wait to see what libraries I will visit next year, there are still a few around us that I could visit!

Moeder, loop toch niet zo mank by Annie M.G. Schmidt
Klaar F. Starik
Het geheim van de voetbalmeiden by Gerard van Gemert
Moon Girl Stole My Friend by Rebecca Patterson
Suezkade by Jan Siebelink
Het dikke boek van all bijzondere dieren by Ben Hoare
Zusje 3: De eerste 9 maanden by Gerrit de Jager
Hilda en de zwarte hond by Luke Pearson
Cosmopolitan by N/A
Cosmopolitan by N/A
Cosmopolitan by N/A
Cosmopolitan by N/A

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