Library Haul 24-8-2019

Library Haul 24-8-2019

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Welcome to a new Library #2 haul! OMG, I was so excited that I could visit the library again, I have been looking forward to it all week, reserving books left and right. And today was finally the day. Since my hubby is off for a fun party weekend with his work I had to go on my home, so I hopped on my bike (balancing the trolley with books) and went to the busstop located 5-10 minutes away. Then a bit of walking with a heavy trolley (thank heavens for wheels) and there I was, the library!

First I had to bring back the 13 books and 13 magazines and then I could walk around, though I was very tempted to grab my 18 reservations, but I held myself back, I don’t want to have a full trolley at the beginning. And so began my walk through the library and I found a couple of magazines that I hadn’t read yet and also a bunch of books that looked interesting to me.

Btw, it was remarkably quiet in the library, just like Library #1 it surprised me as it is still vacation in my part of the country, normally it is much busier here.

In the end I had quite a stack of books in my trolley, and decided to grab my reservations and take them all home. But then! Just as I was walking away and got closer to the exit I passed a table and spotted a book I thought I had reserved. Grabbed my phone, and indeed it was in my reservation list, but not yet grabbed by one of the librarians and put on the reservation shelves. While I was checking I also got a notification that a reservation came in. So I decided to head back and while I did that…. decided to check out if other reservations were also just lying around and if I could find them. In the end I found a couple of reservations without much trouble and cancelled them with the use of their app.

So, I came to the library to bring back 26 books… and walked away with 33 books (well, 27 books and 6 magazines).

Stats; 33 books, 6 magazines, 9 picture books, 2 comics, 8 non-fiction, 8 fiction.

Wie denk je wel dat je bent? by Kaat de Kock
Circus Holderdebolder by Thea Stilton
Wie ben ik? by Tristan Mory
Malamander by Thomas Taylor
Spekkie en Sproet: Complot in de trein by Vivian den Hollander, Juliette de Wit
Kom bij de welpen by Liesbeth van Binsbergen
Backpack by Marlies Slegers
Billy Extra Plankgas by Yorick Goldewijk
Nummer 1 met travelfriends by Sanne de Bakker
DIY Magic by Elfi De Bruyne

Cosmpolitan by unknown
Cosmpolitan by unknown
Fashion chick by unknown
Fashion chick by unknown
Fashion chick by unknown
Fashion chick by unknown
Het paardenknutselboek by Pia Deges
Freeks wilde avonturen by Freek Vonk
Bouw je eigen land by Pieter Vanderbrouck, Eugene & Louise
De reuzenkraak is liever lui by Irene Goede
Kinderspel 2 by Mickael Roux
Paulette by Javaux, Hugue, Poumay, Waxweiler & Masson
De jongen die zijn brood knipte by Annemarie van Haeringen
De parel van Eva by Martin Widmark, Emilia Dziubak
Boze juffen blije juffen by Siska Goeminne, Frank Daenen
Het meisje met twee vaders by Mel Elliott
Nadir en Zenith in de wereld van Escher by Wouter van Reek
Oma Ondersteboven by Kristien Dieltiens
Waar is luiaard? by Andy Rowland
Beestachtige buren by Bouwien Jansen
Sektor 1 by Eric Stalner
De duif die niet kon duiken by Edward van Vendel
Liefde in de dierenwereld by

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