Library Haul ~ 3-8-2019

Library Haul ~ 3-8-2019

Evening all,

Happy Saturday and welcome to a new Vacation Library Haul! Today my hubby went to the nearest city to shop and participate in the Pokemon Go community day, and decided to pop by the library there as it is part of the Library branch of the nearby library here.

I was looking forward to it, last year I had such a good Haul! Sadly, in the end I am a bit disappointed. I had expected that after a year of not going there would be plenty of new books, but not really. I also couldn’t find the magazines anywhere. But still happy I had the chance to visit and hey this means I can go to the library near me even sooner.

Keeping it short as it is late here (almost 10 pm) and I just want to sit and do nothing. Well.. And read one of the new library books. 😜

Stats: 4 books. 2 comics/graphic novels, 2 fiction.

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