Library Haul ~ 7-8-2019

Library Haul ~ 7-8-2019

Hi all,

Welcome to a new Library Haul post! Yup, I visit plenty of libraries during my vacation. This time I went to a new one which meant I had to ask my hubby to bring me as it was a bit too far to visit on a bicycle. This new one should have magazines according to the website for the whole library system in this part (if that makes sense, sorry it works better in Dutch).

So off we went and after a few fun country roads and now I got Country Roads in my head we arrived at a tiny village with a pretty nice library! OK, I was a bit surprised and confused at first as it seemed like half of the library was missing, so we went to ask the librarian there and she explained that there is apparently a second floor. Which wasn’t clear at all, no signs and the stairs are also outside of the that first half of the library (in the way that there are glass walls around that part).

I had plenty of fun walking around and picking up books, unlike the one nearest to me or the one in the big city this one had plenty of things for me to bring with me! Comics, magazines, a couple of books. I was just grinning from ear to ear when my stack grew.

I also made some photographs of the library/some things that stood out, so before I head to what I got/how much I got, I want to share these with you!

A fun waterfeature though I do think the balls normally are submerged a bit more given you could see the stalks on which they stand.

A warm welcome to the library!

This one was a surprise for us and we had to ask what it was/how to bring back books! This is a book shelf with sensors and as you put in books (one by one) the book will be shown as brought back on the screen on the right. We have never seen this one ever, and I (and my hubby when he comes with me) have seen many many libraries. It was quite a thrill to put in the books and see that indeed they pop up on the screen! I would love to see this technology in more libraries!

A gorgeous little view-through to the lower floor with a stage and gorgeous lights. I wouldn’t mind sitting here, watching all that goes on down below while reading a book.

As you can see a cute little library with some great features, a shame I probably won’t be visiting it again. It just takes some time to get there, but who knows. This year I won’t be popping back there, but maybe next year!

Now for what books I got/stats, I am sure you are all curious about that as well. 🙂

Stats: 11 materials. 6 books (3 comics, 3 non-fiction), 5 magazines!

Vrij onder de sluier by Desiree Jansen
Help! Mijn kind zit op youtube! by Bas van Teylingen
Cosmopolitian N/A
Cosmopolitian N/A
Cosmopolitian N/A
Cosmopolitian N/A
Cosmopolitian N/A
Kinderspel #3 by Mickael Roux
Attracties by N/A
Hilda en de trol by Luke Pearson
Hilda en de reus van middernacht by Luke Pearson

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