Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.3

Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.3

Kozue Amano, Aria: The Masterpiece, Venice, Blue, Aika, Undine, Cat, Manga, I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Whoop a new Aria and this time it is even better to read now that I visit Venice at the end of July for my honeymoon! It makes you appreciate the backgrounds, the places the girls visit even more than before.

This time we are at volume 3, four more volumes to go before we are through the series. I am glad they aren’t throwing them all at us in one go, instead giving us new volumes every couple of months. I don’t want to go through this series too fast. Or well that is my rational mind speaking, my fangirl mind wants it all. NOW.

In this one we have introductions to 3 important characters. One is Alice the third girl who will become a trio with Akari and Aika. I am happy to finally see her around I was already wondering when she would pop up. I have to say I wasn’t a fan at the beginning, she is a bit too stoic at times, but later on, with the help of her new friends she shows more emotions, becomes more free and happy, and I just loved how much being undine became less like work and something more special. Yes, work is important, but you also got to have fun while doing it. You also got to be able to show the people what is all around them.
Next up is Ayanokoji or Woody, our Sylph. Now all 3 of our guys are there! I really liked Woody he is such a happy and carefree guy.
And lastly, grandmother, or the one who founded Aria Company along with President Aria! I was just delighted to finally see her pop up and see what she had planned for the girls when they visited. Plus, I love the bond she and Alice have eventually.

Then there is the fact a year has now passed since Akari arrived on Aqua and started being an undine! We see a new Spring and Summer happen with various events throughout. From festivals with roses to drinking some milk with special people, to going to beach which was really special for Akari since at Man-Home the seas were not good to swim in. We see the girls try not to melt from the heat that is coming as summer appears. I just adored the treasure hunt and what the treasure was. OMG, I would just love to do that treasure hunt as well and enjoy the view for real.
Oh, and the picnic that I so so loved in the anime also makes an appearance and despite being in black/white it was still wonderful and I was just squeeing in delight.

There are new hairstyles for the girls, cute outfits, we learn more about the three fairies, there is some pudding to be eaten, and of course plenty of training as the girls have to work hard if they want to become undine.

I loved seeing the Redentore and how the girls had to work hard and made it a top party for everyone to enjoy. When everyone thanked them I was just welling up as it was just such a wonderful moment.

Next up will be Autumn and Winter, at least I am guessing it will be that given this volume focused on Spring/Summer. I can’t wait to see what the girls will experience in those seasons. See what I still recognise from my sporadic Aria reading and my full Aria anime watching. I would highly recommend this gorgeous manga to everyone. Let Akari, Alice, and Aika take you through Neo-Venezia on a trip of your life.

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