Review for Avant-Guards Vol.1

Review for Avant-Guards Vol.1

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Meet Charlene, or Charlie Bravo. A transfer student to this college she is in for a heap of trouble and fun as she walks around for clubs and meets the Avant-Guards, a wannabe basketball team that just needs one more player (where have we seen this setting before, ah yes, so many places :P). They want Charlie. I was wondering why because Charlie didn’t seem like the girl to do basketball, but it turns out she was actually in varsity (which makes me wonder what happened).

I have to say I wasn’t always a fan of Olivia, having her POV at times did help, but otherwise I am not too big of a fan of pushy characters. I get that you need a team member to complete your team, but pushing, hedging and whining and even getting other peeps to help out just went WAY too far for me. If I was Charlie I would have said a big fat no to Olivia and just turned away. Olivia needs to chill out. She is also way over the top with everything, it is like she can’t do anything normally without exaggerating the fuck out of it. Again, not a character trait that makes me happy.
And sure, she had her cute moments, and I loved seeing her swoon (at least that is how I saw it) over Charlie. 😛

I quite like Charlie, I love how tough she is, and how she kicks some big ass with basketball. And we do eventually find out more about what happened to her and why she isn’t doing more basketball.

We see how the team gets started and we see how just after one training they have a match? Whut? Why so soon? It seems very weird to me. But oh well, whatever floats their boat I guess. I would rather have done some more practices and then maybe ease into playing matches. Some of these peeps haven’t played ever or for a long time. So yeah, the match? Exciting as it was, it was so unbelievable I was laughing my ass off. I am sorry, a team, just created and totally with almost zero experience except for a couple of the group does all that? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. coughsSorry. That really made no sense to me. And I am deducing some points for that. Sorry, if you want me to root for a team at least make it all believable. I get that this is fiction, but come on this is just ridiculous.

The romance (blossoming for a big part of the book) between Charlie and Olivia was just adorable. I loved seeing it happen in both of their POVs, especially Olivia’s made me smile. I was definitely rooting for these two gals to get together and start dating.

Though I was laughing hard when these two were getting cosy while behind them the coven was putting crap on fire. 😛

OK, my wrist and hand would like some kisses, because dang this ecopy wasn’t working right. I had to scroll like mad to even get anywhere and with 116 pages + having to zoom in 2x as to be able to read it, my hand and wrist are now dead. x.x

The art was fabulous, I so so so so love the style of it. It is cute, funny, colourful and fits so well with the story and the characters. I also loved that we got some extra artwork at the ending of the volume.

All in all, with the exception of the unbelievable match and the way over the top Olivia, this was cute and fun. I definitely want more of it and I can’t wait for the next volume to come out.

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