Review for Cabin Fever: The Sizzling Secrets of a Virgin Air Hostess

Review for Cabin Fever: The Sizzling Secrets of a Virgin Air Hostess

Red Skirt, Legs, High Heels, Air Plane, Cabin Fever: The Sizzling Secrets of a Virgin Air Hostess, Mandy Smith, MemoirFollow the adventures (as I would call them) of Mandy Smith, who used to be an Virgin Air Hostess.

While on vacation I was reading a nice stack of Cosmpolitans and came across an article about air hostesses, it was quite an interesting article, and they even had some excerpts from the book and recommended it to everyone. Of course I was interested though I had to wait until after my vacation until I could see if I could find it.

And this was a very interesting read to read, or at least for most. I loved reading about what happened on the planes with the passengers, I loved learning about the training and how these girls were selected and what kind of things they had to learn and exams to pass. It was great fun seeing people’s reactions to the girls in various locations. At first I also quite liked the relationship with Jonathan and seeing a couple of the parties and what happens there.

However at some point it started to be more about sex sex sex sex and more sex and more parties and more sex and I just got bored. Then later she even went to detail her love life, talking how she went after rich guys and how she eventually met her hubby. It was nice, but it got boring and besides I didn’t come here to read about her sex/love life. Which is a shame. I definitely had a few moments that I wanted to drop the book despite having come so far.

I did love how strong Mandy was, she had a terrible experience and she came out even stronger than before. She fought to get the job she wanted and got it. She worked hard, studied hard, and got to a new place, a new family, new happiness.

We also see what happens/her feelings when 11/9 happens. How she was lucky to have been able to transfer to another flight, otherwise she would have been underway to New York… My heart stopped for a moment when I read that.

But again there were tons of fun, exciting and hilarious, oh and shocking things to read and I did think it was mostly interesting. Though I do wonder how much of it is true. It seems a bit too much at times and unbelievable.

All in all, I would still recommend it to those interested to read more about air hostess stuff and see what kind of stuff happens in the air (and on ground with the parties).

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