Review for Debian Perl: Digital Detective: The Memory Thief

Review for Debian Perl: Digital Detective: The Memory Thief

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just lost my entire review due to a power outage (I am writing these reviews generally first in Goodreads), and I am not too eager to start writing all that again. So I will just keep it short.

Loved the word Technomancer, I guess I got to remember that. It would be a nice word to use for my magical husband who can do all sorts of magical stuff with computers.

I loved that Debian Perl (love her name, so fitting) had an apartment full of plants, full of life. In a world full of technology and robots it was so lovely to see something else.

I had a laugh when he thought our technomancer was putting a mother in a robot, no dude, motherboard. Thankfully she patiently explains everything there is to the whole thing + even more. He is eager to learn and eager to start coding and I just loved seeing the code pop up and her explaining things to him. So proud of him to finally be able to code the robot to do a sandwich right (I remember that experiment from other things).
Plus, there is plenty of other fun coding stuff happening and I was soaking it up. I know before I met my hubbie I was already trying out some smaller stuff (HTML, making pictures work correctly on a website, etc.), though after I met him and saw him code all the amazing stuff I have been wanting to learn too. But I never got into it. There are tutorials but they are so boring, the books are fun, but I would like someone to teach me it. My hubbie is too busy, and the courses for teaching coding/programming in the library are always for kids. 😐
So this book was definitely fun, at least for a while, in the end it just got a bit bland. Same-ish. Plus, I got a bit lost of the plot. Was this about a robot and finding his home and of course who stole his memory or was this about coding and teaching someone how robots work? It just didn’t mesh right. Plus, I did think it was a bit silly to see them shout out code. I could understand if you want to program a bot, but to just hold a whole conversation in code? Eh.

I was surprised the key chain was that (Star Wars much?), but it was also very emotional. Though sorry, I just couldn’t help but laugh when he had jello-like tears just flowing out of him. It was just too silly and hilarious.

I wasn’t a fan of the science woman. She was your typical villain type. 😛

The art was superfun and colourful, but I don’t know… it was really overpowering for me. There were just too many colours, too much things happening that I got overwhelmed and I even got a headache.

I did like the last part with the questions/answers and the glossary. Nice addition.

But yeah, all in all, while nice in some parts it just wasn’t my book. Maybe I am just not meant to try out coding any further. So far all the fun coding books had the same problem. They try to mesh coding and story together and I haven’t found one where it meshes well. Always it feels like there are two things going on. But I am sure there is an audience somewhere that will enjoy this and other books like it.

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