Review for KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo Vol.1

Review for KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo Vol.1

KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo, Peace Sign, Girl, Idol, Microphone, Gender Bender, Isshiki ItaruAn idol otaku wakes up one day to find himself turned into a gorgeous girl! Shock!

I am always looking for new idol manga to read and try out and this one seemed quite interesting and funny. It reminded me of AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei only in this one the guy is a real girl (though inside he is still a he).

However I did feel that things were missing. This is a guy who has lived for 15-ish years as a guy, he suddenly turns into a girl and instead of all the things you normally see when this happens it seems he feels pretty OK about it. Yes, he runs away when girls change their clothes, he gets embarrassed when girls hold him or give him a hand, but other than that? I would have liked to see him get used to his new body a bit more. Now it felt like he turned into a girl and that was it. There was some initial shock as to him having breasts and a vagina, but that is it. Other than that he just goes on with his life without any problems. Which just seemed weird given he is a teenage girl now which comes with its own share of fun new adventures. 😐

Instead this one jumps quickly to idol tryouts, making new friends, trying to get into Platinumoon (his favourite idol group and one he supports a lot). Sure, it was fun to see all that and see how he was doing. He has a long way to go, but I do see that he has talent. Dancing, he needs to get more flexible and loose and less robotic. Singing, well he apparently can sing… if he just stops trying to reach the intended range. Other things he does have, the drive, the sparkle, the courage to continue, determination. I think if he just practises he will get through.

I loved seeing the new group be formed and also see Platinumoon. I had such a laugh when Yousuke meets his favourite idol and the fact she remembers him.

It is a bit confusing how people remember our MC. With the idol girl we see her clearly remembering a guy, but when Yousuke’s friends remember him they remember a girl, though they are confused about it, so I wonder if there is something more going on. However his parents seem to just remember him as always being a girl. Given how little the whole men > women thing is mentioned and all that comes with it, I wonder if we will ever get more information on why Yousuke changed and how that affects people around him.

The art is a bit hit/miss, I thought it would be more like the cover but it is lesser in quality than that.

Will I be continuing? Well, despite that it lacks proper story, I did like to see idol training and concerts and how an idol otaku keeps thinking about release stuff and cds while she doesn’t need to do that stuff now. 😛

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