Review for Otome no Teikoku Vol.7-10

Review for Otome no Teikoku Vol.7-10

Volume 7, Otome no Teikoku, Look-a-likes, Pseudo-twins, Blue Cover, Purple/Pink, Two Girls, Manga, Kishi Torajirou, LGBT, humour, cuteA sweet LGBT manga about various high school girls. We read about their loves, about friendship, and there is tons of humour and a dash of nudity.

I have been reading this manga for some time, the first volumes I read I didn’t really review, but starting Volume 7 I started writing short reviews per volume. Since I now have a nice amount, namely 4 volumes, I want to share these with my readers on my site.

Volume 7: : Yeah! Finally I could continue with this series, and this was such a fun volume with tons of hilarious situations (really the things these girls get into), yuri stuff, we see all our cute couples (I would call them all couples given how close they are) again and they have such sweet moments together, the art is just fabulous again (I love how the girls are drawn). Yep, I just love this series and I can’t wait to continue reading it. I am hoping that certain couples will get together for real (like Honoka and Alicia).

Volume 8, Otome no Teikoku, Tartan Skirts, Red, Two Girls, Manga, Kishi Torajirou, LGBT, humour, cuteVolume 8: : This is just so much fun to read with all sorts of sexy and sweet things happening between girls. Romance, giggling, friendship, and more. I wasn’t a fan of the love triangle (Bleeeeehhhhh) that was happening between girls, I laughed when the girls painted stars on everyone of their classmates during new year/christmas, I squeed during several sweet moments when our girls got together and my favourite couples kissed and got closer. We see a very badly drawn yaoi chapter pop by read by some of our girls which had me laughing and rolling my eyes. The art is still very sexy and cute. I can’t wait to keep on reading this one and see more of my couples.

Volume 9, Otome no Teikoku, Pink, School Uniform, Two Girls, Manga, Kishi Torajirou, LGBT, humour, cuteVolume 9: : The 9th volume and OMG it was so much fun to read. I just LOVE this series and I am happy I can read 3 volumes in one go.
The cheering was tons of fun, especially when she really started getting into it.
I had a laugh at seeing everyone’s wishes for Tanabata, and then especially our yaoi lover who wished for the world’s men population to turn gay. Oh girl.
I wasn’t a fan of the big sister, a no is a no. But she started to turn a bit nicer (and then I remembered she was that girl and I squeed) and I had a big laugh when she read that BL aloud, oh my oh my. I hadn’t expected the mask girl to be SO CUTE. I guess she is hiding her braces. No need to hide girl, show that face!
Holy YESSSSSSS screams in happiness It finally happened with my fav couple. YYYYYAAAAAYYY. Eep, I loved her new hairstyle. So cute!
But I wasn’t happy with the love triangle (though I guess I should call it a quartet now, this is getting confusing).
And of course there is plenty more and I was just squeeing in delight. This manga gets better and better with each chapter. The art is just freaking gorgeous.

Volume 10, Otome no Teikoku, School Uniforms, Face Mask, White,, Two Girls, Manga, Kishi Torajirou, LGBT, humour, cuteVolume 10: : The last volume for now, I got to wait before the next batch. Argghh, hopefully I can hold it out until then. Christmas happens in this one and I just loved what Nonono did for her kouhai. So sweet!
I am so glad my favourite couple (A-chan/Chie) is getting more time together, I just love these two and I am delighted that they are getting further and further in their relationship.
It seems the love quartet is breaking up in two couples, which is making me happy. I hope that it stays this way as I want both these couples to succeed.
And you know, something I just realised, normally I am not a big fan of such a big cast, in normal books I often just get tired of it. But in this one? I love it. I am looking forward to seeing who will be next in the story, which couple we will see. What kind of shenanigans the girls will get up to.
Also one of the couples should just get to it already. 😛 Love bites, come on just go out already. 😛 I also would love more Honoka and Elisha. Those two are just too frigging adorable.
Oh, and I loved those extras with Ed & Ian. So happy we see more of them.
This was a delightful volume and I had so much fun reading it. Marriages, holidays, and more. Tons of cuteness and some ecchiness.

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