Review for Stage Dreams

Review for Stage Dreams

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, I was just squeeing in delight when I saw this graphic novel pop up on Netgalley. Not long before I spotted it I was fangirling over a tweet about it by the artist who I follow on Twitter. I was already planning on reading this book so I am extra delighted that I can read it so soon. Not having to wait until September. Though now I have another problem… I need more of this. This was just the cutest, adorablest (if that is a word), sweetest, and most fun graphic novel in a long time.

Meet Grace, a trans runaway who loves dresses and hopes to become an actress. She was just so sweet and I loved her from the start. I felt for her, that she saw no other option than to run away from her family. It was that or enlisting and no one wants that (well, OK, some people may want it). She wants to be her own person, she wants to be herself. I feel there may be trouble brewing for her given the time period, but for most of this book it seems that most people are either accepting (the tailor whom I am sure knows that Grace is not a girl biologically) or Grace is amazing at being a girl, she has the talk she has the walk and she got a gorgeous dress.

Flor? I loved her as well, maybe not as fast as Grace, but quite soon I could see she was a sweet, adventurous girl who happens to be an outlaw. 😛 Yep, Flor robs people and steal stuff. With the help of a hawk she is known as the Ghost Hawk. Whereas Grace is quite feminine, Flor is more tough and tomboyish. I do love myself a well-written tomboyish character, and Flor is all that and more. I also love how accepting she was of Grace. Many people wouldn’t have been so accepting, but Flor. Flor is totally fine with the way Grace is.

I loved the sparks that flew between Grace and Flor and I was shipping them as crazy. They just had something, sparks and chemistry that made me want to see them share some sweet and romantic moments.

The heist, the adventures, and oh yes the goat, it was all terrific fun. Before I knew it the book was over and I was just prodding my screen to get more story. 😛

The art is fabulous, I loved the character designs, but also the backgrounds are just wonderfully done. As I expected!

All in all, this is one LGBT graphic novel I would highly recommend. Sweet moments, fabulous characters, the great Wild West, heists, and more! You won’t be disappointed.

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