Review for The Couch Potato

Review for The Couch Potato

I received this picture book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

What would you do if you find a potato on your couch? A couch potato?

I had such a laugh seeing the dad decide that no, no not today he would clean up that potato. And then see each and every experience of the other family members as they played or were near the couch. To see how the potato got more and more of a family member and less and less a potato that it was.

I did think that the dad was a bit overreacting in regards to the potato and then especially that he just didn’t clean up anything at all. I can imagine leaving the potato alone, but not do anything at all in the house? Eh? Also why is no one else in the house helping him out with chores and cleaning up? I know that in my parents home my mom was mostly the one who cleaned up, but my dad and I also helped. And same now with me and my hubby, I do most of the work, but he also helps out here and there.
I also thought it was weird that they apparently couldn’t care a wink that their house was becoming a pigsty.

I had a big laugh at the ending though. Oh my dad. Oh my.

The art was so-so. Sorry, it just isn’t my style. At times I liked it, but at other times it just wasn’t for me.

All in all, I still had fun reading this one, but not as much as I had hoped.

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