Review for Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh!

Review for Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

First up, thank you to the publisher for granting my wish! I was very eager to read this book as the cover looked fabulous, and the blurb sounded really fun.

Sadly, I wasn’t always happy, and even though this book only had 160 pages, I had to struggle to get through it. This kid, is in the third grade but CAN’T READ. Well, OK, he can read words here and there, but they are simplest ones EVER. The ones a tiny kid can just read. I had to look up what age Trevor Lee would be in this grade (as the grades here are done differently) and he would be 8-9. I can imagine having some problem with reading, but that much? No. How is he not getting the help he needs? His parents are seemingly busy, but did try, but why is the teacher not helping him? Can’t she spot that he has problems? With what all the endless excuses he is trying to make to get out of it. Even lying about his parents not coming to that Parents Night. Not doing the work in maths as they are now word problems.
Not to mention that, if he can’t read, he also can’t really write. So how did he get out of those things? I mean, I don’t remember much from my school years in elementary, but I remember that by age 9 we had tons of exercises involving reading and writing. It just didn’t make sense. How did he get out of at least 2 years of writing and reading? Anyone should have seen the problem by now. 😐 Plus, forcing a kid, who you can clearly see has a problem, to read in front of an audience is just the worst thing to do.
And yes, maybe the best idea is to just go back a grade. I get that it isn’t fun, but he is so far behind his peers, I don’t see how he could ever get on the same level without even more distance growing.
At least, Mamaw, our Trevor Lee’s grandma understood his problems and he was able to talk to him about why things didn’t go well at school.

Also, please, don’t pick up hamsters like that. And hamsters don’t poo that way, believe me, I have and had hamsters in my life, and the only thing these cuties do is do droppings. Unless they are sick and have diarrhoea. But I guess little droppings don’t translate well on pictures. Though it is strange that they even had to wash his hair? Um, those droppings are generally dry, so you can just pick them out and maybe get a small cloth to wash the spot. This is because I am a hamster lover, but his attitude towards the hamster didn’t make me any happier. Calling that poor thing a rat. No. Just no.

Um, unless he means school year, 3 Sundays of not falling asleep a year is NOT good.

And then there is the school trip and my dislike for Trevor Lee multiplied as he and his friend got it in their stupid head to break the rules that their teacher set for them. 😐

Sorry, at the end he can suddenly do all sorts of reading because of his grandma? This sounds like the blind leading the blind. 😛 Not such a good idea, but sure. Why the hell not? sighs

So yeah, tons of things that didn’t make sense, I couldn’t like Trevor Lee, but hey the illustrations were good. That is what made me happy and kept me reading on. OH, and also I kept reading because I was hoping that SOMEONE would help Trevor Lee out for once. And not Pinky. An adult. Sadly, this never happened. Wow.

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