Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 11-8-2019 ~ Vacation Edition

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 11-8-2019 ~ Vacation Edition

Hi all!

Happy Sunday to all and welcome to a new Vacation edition of my Sunday’s TBR Updates! The last one as next week Saturday I will be packing up and heading home again. is sad This week was filled with tons of relaxing, reading, and a couple of activities.

What did I read from my Vacation TBR this week? Small Spaces (an absolutely amazing and fun book and oh my gosh I loved it dark and creepy just how I like it), Project Z (hilarious and zombie-tastic), Starstruck + The Fame Game + Infamous (the second trilogy of Lauren Conrad’s books and I had so so much fun reading it, drama, romance, reality, oh my), Sugar and Spice (the ending to the first trilogy and I had fun re-reading it), Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal (oh my how I had fun reading this one, OK not always a fan of MJ, but I loved the banter between Ned and Peter, and oh yes the lost backpacks). Also read Dark Mind (a glorious new Cis Meijer book though I wasn’t a fan of the drugs stuff), Hysteria (yes, a wonderful boarding school mystery/murder), and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (really amazing I just loved the little twists and turns and finding out what happened 5 years ago).

Still haven’t touched my Kindle yet, maybe I should do it soon, but I am just not in the mood for it.

Here is a brand-new TBR pile. Like last time the one on the bottom is the one I am currently reading! I can’t wait to dig into these books.

And with this we have come to the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates: Vacation Edition! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day/weekend, and I will see you all again with a normal Sunday’s TBR Updates next week. \o

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