What Did Read During My Vacation 2019?

What Did Read During My Vacation 2019?

Hi all,

Mehsi is all back and relaxed from 4 weeks of delicious vacation! Oh man, I definitely was in need of this after so much time of stress and planning everything (a new home, finances, moving, wedding and more). The first week was spend in Venice for my honeymoon, as you can imagine I didn’t read much during that 5 day period. But I did read plenty during my 3 weeks of camping.

Like each year I bring with me a big box of books. I make a selection of library books from Libraries #1/#2/#3 and books I have bought and have kept myself from reading (which isn’t easy, believe me). But since last year I also had something else up my sleeve as well. Namely my library card! This year I got a real card instead of the temporary card I had last year. This year I visited not only the library near the camping, but also the one in the big city close by, and several other libraries around the campsite. It was quite a fun bookworm adventure to visit a new library.

Like previous years I take plenty of books with me, but I don’t read them all. This for various reasons, the books just aren’t for me (mostly goes for my library books) or I am not in the mood for it. But I don’t mind having some duds in my book box because now I got at least plenty to try out.

This year I read 22 library books, which is just a bit over half of the books I read. In comparison, last year 31 books were from a library!

Stats for this year. I was on vacation for 21 days and I read 40 books. Which means I averaged 1.90 books a day. My total page count is 7330 which means an average of 183.25 pages per book.

So here are my pictures again, crown = read while star = dnf/tried didn’t like it.

Also if you want to see my other books (the vacation library books) see my shelf for it here.

Vacation TBR, Stack of Books, Stairs Vacation TBR, Stack of Books, Stairs Vacation TBR, Stack of Books, Stairs

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