Book Haul September 2019

Book Haul September 2019

Hi all!

Welcome to a mini Book Haul for September 2019! Yep, October is now almost here, so I am excited to show you some new books in my collection.

I am so delighted to have a Book Haul again! It is a mini one, but at least it is something.

One is thanks to the library, those who read my Library Hauls know that I got a free book from the library because there were two copies and one of them was out of the system, the book I had in my hands. 😛 So I got that book and gave it a good home. The second book is also a free book and it is for the Young Adult Book Week (Boekenweek voor Jongeren). And the third was a second-hand book that I couldn’t resist, especially not for that price.

So as you can see, this month was a lucky month, I am so happy to have some new physical books. Hopefully soon I can buy some more, I got many new releases (looks at Wayward Son and Top Marks for Murder) that I would die to have.

Cool Japan Guide by Abby Denson
3pak 2019 by Margje Woodrow, Joost Klein, Karin Amatmoekrim
De eend, de dood en de tulp by Wold Erlbruch

2 thoughts on “Book Haul September 2019

    1. Thank you! And I just finished Cool Japan Guide and would recommend it. Tons of fun information about Japan. Be sure to have eaten something before reading as tons of food pops by. 😛

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