Library Haul 21-9-2019 (Library #2 + Library #3 combined!)

Library Haul 21-9-2019 (Library #2 + Library #3 combined!)

Evening all,

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Welcome to a combined Library Haul post, namely Library #2 and Library #3!

Yep, another combined Library Haul for these two libraries. Keeping it short as my body is in quite some pain, and I just want to do nothing except Lego Harry Potter and read. But I also want to share my new babies with you all as it is quite a great haul. 🙂

I first went to Library #2 to pick up my reservations and also check if I could find some new books at the new releases tables + check the newly brought back book shelves. I had 6 reservations and I found another 4 books! Sadly, the 3Pak (a free book gift with 3 stories) for the Jongerenboekenweek (Young Adult Book Week) wasn’t found at the library.

Then off to Library #3, bringing back my old books, and then wandering past all my favourite spots to see if I could find books. I did! And at the children’s/YA section I found the 3Pak here! I was already worried I would have to ask at the bookstore (it should be free, but some bookstores try to get money by having people buy a book before they give the 3Pak). Since I had so much room left I went to hunt at the comic/graphic novel section, hoping I would find some books there. I had quite a bit of luck there, I even found book 2 of a duology that I was hoping to read (the series is a bit silly, but still I want to know how it ends).

So, I am a very happy bookworm. Tons of new books and I can’t wait to get to reading them.

Stats: 20 books (10 at Library #2 and 10 at Library #3). 7 comics/graphic novels, 5 non-fiction, 2 picture books, 6 fiction.

NOTE: Many of the books aren’t on Goodreads, I will add them when I get to reading them. Edit (24-9): Slowly the list is getting more complete.

Feest op de manege by Thea Stilton
Hidden Nederland by Saskia Naafs, Guido van Eijck
Tries is verliefd by Pierre Gemme, Jess Pauwels
De muur by John Lanchester
Het geheim van de spooktram by Jonas Boets
Pans labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro, Cornelia Funke
Het allermakkelijkste BBQ boek by J.-F. Mallet
Van T.rex tot tandjesgras by Jan Paul Schutten, Wendy Panders
Bob maakt kunst by Marion Deuchars
Een leeuw als Leonard by Ed Vere

Feyenoord forever by ?
Room service Maren Stoffels
Kinky & Cosy by Nix
Kleine overwinningen by Yvon Roy
Opkomst en ondergang van Fokke en Sukke by Jean-Marc van Tol
Het einde van de wereld by Peter Koch
Te paard 5 by Prickly
Moederkillers 2 by Zidrou
Didier, het 5e wiel aan de tractor by Ravard en Rabaté

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