Library Haul 28-9-2019

Library Haul 28-9-2019

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a new Library #2 Haul! And oh my oh my it was an amazing haul!

I already had good hopes for today as I had 11 reservations waiting for me, and some of the unfulfilled reservations were in the library (somewhere). I was looking forward to hunting for those and to possibly find them.

First up bringing a giant stack of books back to the library, I had many books I had finished or read and didn’t like. After that I went to my favourite spots in the library to find some new books. My trolley got more and more filled as I walked around the library and I had fun hunting for reservations. Some I did find with ease, others even the librarian (who overheard me talking about the books) didn’t know where they were. 😛

Oh, and remember that I talked about 3Pak last week and that it was unavailable? Not findable? Well, this time they had them + posters around the library.

I also got a couple of books about transport/traffic/cars for the upcoming Children’s Books Week which is all about travel! I always try to read a couple of books for the special weeks.

I can’t wait to get started on reading the books, I got so many fun ones and I will have a heard time deciding what I will read.

NOTE: Many of the books are not on Goodreads. Only 8 of them were. I will add the rest as I read the books.

Stats: 28 books. 2 comics, 11 picture books, 5 non-fiction, 10 fiction.

Narwal, waar ben je? by Ingela P. Arrhenius
Ootje in het verkeer by Lizette Koning, Natascha Stenvert
Een (ongewone) geschiedenis van doodgewone dingen by Annegreet van Bergen
Ik heb een slimme droger by Tex de Wit
De 20e eeuw in beeld – De jaren 1960 by Getty Images
Zuidenwind by Suzanne Vermeer
Instagirl by Annette Mierswa
Minecraft nacht van de vleermuizen by Nick Eliopulos
Vlad the World’s Worst Vampire: Fang-tastic Friends by Anna Wilson
Kijk uit voor die mammoet! by Marco Kunst
Paardengevaar by Nanda Roep, Silvester
Op z’n kop by Hans Mijnders
De populist by Hans Münsterman
Poezenpraat by Loes Hegeman, Tess Wemeijer
Kijkend naar Holland by Eddy Posthuma de Boer

Sem is jarig by Pauline Oud
Het meisje en haar zeven paarden by Hadi Mohammadi, Nooshin Safakhoo
De adembenemende natuurbeleving van licht by ??
Papatijd! by Marta Altés
Pinguïnaut by Marcie Colleen
Ik wil een paard by Gideon Samson, Milja Praagman
Van zeppelin tot graafmobiel by Marianne Busser, Mark Janssen, Ron Schröder
Een olifant in de bus by Marjet Huiberts
Het Orkest by Chloé Perarnau
Mijn steen by Elvis Peeters
Vos en Haas: Uil wil op reis by Sylvia Vanden Heede
Boybubbel by Gerard Leever
De grote odalisk by Bastien Vivès

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