Library Haul 5-9-2019

Library Haul 5-9-2019

Heya all,

Welcome to a new Library #1 haul! I had some time today (plus I needed some time off for my body) and decided to visit Library #1. I needed some new books in my life and hoped that Library #1 would have them for me.

I so miss my bicycle, it is much easier + better for my tummy to go on my bicycle.. but it still needs to be fixed. Thankfully that will happen tomorrow as the bicycle shop finally has the part they needed for it. So off in the bus I went and my tummy tried to escape pretty soon. 😐 But I arrived safely at where I wanted to be and then quickly, after a detour to a new shop filled with Funko’s, I got to Library #1.

I checked my regular haunts, but with the exception of the Children’s department where I found 2 new books, I didn’t find anything new. Oh well, hunting it is then. And with hunting I found 4 more books including one book that has been on my reservation list at Library #2 for a while, which means I can cancel that one there. does a happy dance

I still think it is funny that it is so quiet during vacations, but now with schools open again it is superbusy. As if no one visits libraries while it is vacation… which is just silly. Or I am just a major bookworm. grins

I am still delighted with my haul, I can’t wait to start reading these books. Look forward to reviews either on here or on Goodreads.

Stats; 6 books. 2 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

Meet the Twitches by Hayley Scott, Pippa Curnick
Picture Day by Susan Nees
Class Pets by Susan Nees
Doe maar gewoon by Hans Kaldenbach
Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan
Ype & Ionica: De verrassende verjaardagen by Ype van Driessen, Ionica Smeets

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