Library Haul 7-9-2019

Library Haul 7-9-2019

Hi all!

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Happy Saturday and welcome to a new Library Haul! This time for Library #2.

I was super excited to visit again, yes, I still had books at home (several magazines and books) but I needed something more and something fresh. I didn’t have many reservations waiting for me, just 2. Apparently the other books I reserved are a bit popular. 😛

Funnily, an older lady saw me bringing back my books and commented on how lovely it was that they (guessing she meant my non-existent kids) were reading so much and that she hoped they kept reading. I was almost tempted to say the books were books I read, but resisted and just nodded and said yes. It wouldn’t be the first time people assume that I have kids because I read children’s books/picture books. Even last week at Library #3… I had a YA book that didn’t work and apparently was from another library and the librarian pointed me to the adult section for books after I came to her to ask about the book and why it didn’t work. Whut?

Back to this haul, I had fun walking around and finding new books to read. And I found plenty! I also brought some more magazines with me so I got a whole pile of them now. Guess since I have to take it easy next week I will just cuddle with some blankets, make some hot chocolate, and then read them all.

Oh, and I did read Eleanor & Park some years ago, but got rid of the book in my big cleaning (as it was just rated 3 stars). However I want to try it again, and thankfully the library had it in English!

Stats: 10 books and 5 magazines. 5 picture books, 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

No Limit by Colin Kraan
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Stella by Takis Würger
Help! De meester is een vreetzak! by Selma Noort
Eilandheimwee by Selma Noort
De groene pompoen by Herman Coenen
Smulkids by Fearne Cotton
Nachtleven by Lena Sjöberg
Kleine vos op zoek naar overal en nergens by Thysa Zevenbergen
De jongen en de walvis by Linde Faas

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