Review for A Hole New World

Review for A Hole New World

A Hole New World, PopularMMO, Falling out of the sky, Boy, Girl, Swords, Minecraft, Graphic Novel, Magic, YoutubeTwo characters, a boy and a girl, go on an adventure when their friend Mr. Bomby goes missing.

I spotted this Graphic Novel and couldn’t resist it. I am still not a big Minecraft person but I do love books about it, I am always looking around for new ones. However never heard of these youtubers and their channel (then again, I only use Youtube for music and the occasional other thing like trailers).

Still I wanted to try it out, but it does seem like you need to know the Youtubers and their story. As there were quite a few instances that I felt that I missed something. When they meet Carter for instance and made it seem as if we should have known him. The tension between Carter and Pat and how they both tried to get Jen’s attention at all time. I had no clue who Mr. Bomby was and Mr. Cookie also no idea, but it did come across as if you should know them. It is a bit of a shame and it made the experience just a bit less fun for me.

But I did love the mystery and how these kids fell into a big hole, like Alice in Wonderland, and arrived at a new magical place. In which Pat and Jen get some new clothes, new weapons, and get even more trouble! I loved the quest and how things got more and more adventurous and exciting with each page, I loved the weapons the characters got, and the monsters were great to see. Yay for zombies! I did think it was a bit weird they didn’t burn up in the sun, as I have seen in other books. But hey, at least they aren’t creepers. You don’t want creepers.

The mystery boxes and what they contained had me laughing. How each character had something special… well special, sometimes it seemed to them as it if was just a random object but these boxes know what is up!

I knew something was up with Carter from the moment we met him and my suspicions proved correct. I did feel sorry for him when everything came out, but still, if he is such big friends with these two characters (or at least with Jen) I would rather have had him be honest.

Evil Jen? Um, yes, she was interesting til we got to her backstory. Then I was just rolling my eyes.

The ending was exciting and I quite like it. I especially had a laugh at how eager the cat was to get home, he just wants his food dudes, he doesn’t care where he is. 😛

The art was also really fun, the style fit very well with this story. I loved the character designs.

All in all, I had fun reading it, but it is just a shame that it felt like you needed to know about the Youtube and the youtubers to fully enjoy the story. At least that is how it felt to me. Maybe others don’t have it. Will I read the other books in this series? Mm, maybe. There were still elements that I loved + now that I know the characters maybe I won’t feel so lost/out of place then.

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