Review for Always in Trouble

Review for Always in Trouble

Dog, Picture Book, Children's Book, Always in Trouble,  Corinne Demas, Noah Z. JonesMeet Toby, he is Emma’s dog… and he is always in trouble!

I couldn’t resist this adorable looking (and sounding) book when I spotted it at one of my libraries. I wanted to know what Toby got up to and how Emma (and her family) would react to it.

And I frankly thought that the trouble wouldn’t be that big, just some naughty stuff, but dang that dog really does everything that he shouldn’t do. Each day of the week he pulls a stunt from small things like eating the bread or biscuits the dad made to bigger things like weeing the carpet or rolling around mud-covered through the kitchen. And no matter what Emma and her family do he won’t listen. I felt sorry for the family, they love Toby, but they have to draw a line somewhere, and I was hoping that they would find help and not have to end up bringing him away to a shelter or another home.

We see Emma and Toby go to doggie school but it seems that his manners are all fine, however he is still naughty and destructive. What happens as the last resort had me laughing though, I am not sure what that lady did, but dang that was effective. But I wonder for how long. After all, apparently Toby has a knack for getting into trouble. Can you really get rid of that? I won’t tell you more, you will have to read to see what the family does to make sure Toby can stay. And to save their home, as Toby makes a freaking mess.

The art is pretty adorable, I love how Toby is drawn. He really radiates naughtiness.

All in all, this was a fun book to read and I would recommend it. I am sure kids will laugh because of Toby’s stunts and stuff he does.

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