Review for Can You See Me?

Review for Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?, Orange, Picture Book, Children's Books, Green, Triangles, Mikhala Lantz-SimmonsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was instantly curious about this book when I saw the cover. I then read the blurb and was even more curious. An abstract picture book? In which you have to kinda guess the animals? Mm, sure, I would take it. Seemed interesting.

I have to say I had fun reading it, but if it wasn’t for the text next to the abstract animals I wouldn’t have guessed the animals for about 80/85% of the book. For instance it was that they said it was antlers… otherwise I would just have thought they were floating triangles. 😛 I am also not sure if it is 2 pandas or if it is another animal featured so close together. is confused In the end I just went with it and focused on the text because I sure as hell didn’t see any animals in most of these pictures. Maybe it is just not for me.

It is a fun idea, but I do think maybe things could have been easier. Maybe a bit more recognisable. A couple of animals were VERY easily recognisable, and others were just bit of triangles here and there. I wonder if kids can even recognise them without the text, because I am over 18 and sorry, I just didn’t see it and that makes me worried if kids can see it.

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