Review for Chikai no Noah Vol.1 + 2

Review for Chikai no Noah Vol.1 + 2

Chikai no Noah, Horror, Red, Blood, White Dress, Halberd, Manga, Yuu Satomi Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay, and we will enjoy you. evil grin

I was looking for a brand-new manga to try out and I bumped against this one. A cruise? But with death and gore? Mm, maybe not the gore as my stomach isn’t happy with that. Though funnily, years ago when I was younger I could handle it much better, these days I can’t. But I was interested to see what this cruise would entail. I have written a review for the two volumes I read and I want to share them with you.

Volume 1: : Woahhhh, welp, normally I don’t read gory manga like this, or I give it a shot and then run away almost puking. But this one drew me in. What is going on with this ship, who are these people, are they vampires? Cannibals? Both? The first scene we see is of a girl being murdered and then.. eaten or at least drained of her blood. Yup. Not the best scene for my tummy. Then we meet Akari and her family and also other people. As the story continues we see those people come back, however not all for the better. All the other people that are not the baddies? They disappear either slowly or in whole batches. At times the baddies show their true colours but hide it thanks to glamour and glitter. But some people know the truth now, but can they escape? Or not, as this is a ship, and dang you are on open sea. Drown? Or be eaten? Even with the boats on the sides, can they get away fast enough? And what is up with the little girl that belongs to the baddies?
Also, yes, a bit early on reading this. I am actually saving most horror for Halloween, but it being Friday 13th I thought this would be appropriate. 😛 I guess this is just an early Halloween read.

Face, Crepy Eye, Blood, Girl, Chikai no Noah, Yuu Satomi, Manga, Horror, VampiresVolume 2: : And death and hurt continue in this one. The ship is getting emptier and emptier and then it gets to one giant big moment where all the people are gathered, well those that remain. The ones bitten during the ball, or those that escaped that fate. They are all herded, though it seems that most of them don’t have a clue what is going on as they are pretty much sheep, vampire magics. Then comes a very gruesome part. The people can be chosen for three things. Pool, dinner, or friend. Now some of those options sound OK, right? Well, Pool is not what you may think, I won’t tell you what, but holy hell. And friend, I don’t think you want to be one of these monsters. Nope.
Kakeru also plays a big role as the little vampire girl has chosen him as a friend. Welp. We also meet Akari and her family, not all together though. Yuzuru is with the blonde vampire, Akari well… let’s not talk about her fate, poor thing, and the dad is also not 100% any more. It was heartbreaking as it seems they aren’t that rich and this cruise was supposed to be something amazing, something fun, something relaxing, and then this happens.
There is something that happens near the end of this volume, something involving two characters who have managed to live so far, and wow. Dang, the balls that took.

All in all, holy hell what a manga this one is. The art is pretty great, I love the eyes on the baddies. I am not sure if I will continue this one though. Maybe I will wait until it is all finished, so I can just dive into it in one go. I would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for a dark and gory manga.

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