Review for Hell School 1 – Rituals

Review for Hell School 1 – Rituals

Hell School, Cliff, Sunset, Orange, Dark, Grass, Uniform, Blue Hair, Girl, Sugomier, Benoit Ers, Graphic NovelI received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This graphic novel sounded really exciting, I am always a fan of dark boarding school stories and how can I resist this one when that dark boarding school is on a freaking island. No place to run, no place to hide. You just have to be smart if you want to survive.

The book starts with a scene from the past. We see how a group of students head to the ferry to go to a new year of school. It seems pretty OK in the first 2 panels, but then someone comes in the mix, the bastard. Apparently he isn’t wanted by the group and left alone in the freezing rain. What happens next. Holy crap. I get you don’t like the guy, but to just push/throw him off the ship? No, I don’t see this a spoiler, it happens on the third page. 😐

Next we are back in the now and we see a new group of students and we learn what bastard means. It is those who haven’t done the ritual, those who haven’t gone through the hazing. Yup. This school is very gung-ho on making people look the same, accept the social norms there, and participate in everything. The kids who will be the main focus point are all standing out. We have Hina, who has the attitude and the gorgeous blue hair. We have Bastien who has dreads. We have Boris who is definitely not happy with all the crap that is going on at the school in regards to the bastard stuff. And not fitting to the misfits entirely, but her secret may cause her to fall out of the group is Val.

I have to say that while I did like we didn’t just have one person standing up against the terror, instead we have 3 (and 4 if you count Val), it was just too much for me. I am just getting into the story and we are switching POVs left and right. Not just these 4, but also the school director and some other guys. Maybe I wouldn’t have minded if I had been into the story a bit further along, but now it was just too much.

The school is severely messed up, students have to partake in a ritual or be called bastards forever and be bullied and hurt all the time. There is something weird going on and I am curious why they are all so gung-ho on making these kids do the shit they have to do. Not to mention… people die. 😐 People are threatened. What kind of thing is going on that this whole bastard thing and people having to participate in the hazing is so important. We do get some hints, but I still want more. Now it just seems very strange and over the top. Though I see why the title is like this. It really is a hell school.

The art is pretty decent. Not always my favourite though. But that is just my thing.

All in all, I will keep on reading as I am curious how this will escalate and see what kind of crap wil happen next. What will happen to Bastien? Will the kids be able to keep on standing against this school? And of course why the school is so gung-ho on these kids being the same/acting like sheep.

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