Review for Hungry Babies

Review for Hungry Babies

Hungry Babies, Yellow, Fearne Cotton, Picture Books, Chilren, Table, FoodI read this book in Dutch (Smulkids which is just a brilliant translation) but will write a short review in English. NOTE, if I use names they are for the Dutch translation.

We all know of kids who don’t like to eat everything, kids who are picky, kids who are fussy about their food. Kids who don’t like a colour of a food and then refuse to eat it. However not the kids from this adorable picture book!

We meet up with all the kids and see them also interact together as they are all from the same class and friends. Each kid (and often their family) get a chance to tell about their favourite food or show the world how much they just love eating and what kind of things they eat without making a fuss about it.

I was just delighted to see the kids eat everything they could stuff their little faces in. From bananas to pineapples to honey on toast to fries and chicken nuggets to gigantic (really it is) chocolate cakes to candy. But we don’t just see the kids from the class but also read about their sisters and brothers and see how and what they eat, which often involved a big mess.

I love that Maya’s birthday is shown throughout the book, with a small birthday party with her family, someone making a drawing for her, and then at the end the big party with all her classmates/friends!

The art is just the cutest and sweetest. It was so colourful and I love how everything was drawn.

I would recommend this one to everyone. I am sure kids will love it, and it may also help fussy eaters.

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