Review for Ikemen Sugidesu Shiki-Senpai! Vol.1

Review for Ikemen Sugidesu Shiki-Senpai! Vol.1

Ikemen Sugidesu Shiki-senpai!, Volume 1, Yuama, Basketball, Two Girls, Uniform, Yuri, CuteWhen Hina meets Shiki-senpai she falls head over heels in love, but will Shiki-senpai see the affection?

Still much more in the mood for yuri/shoujo ai manga than normal romance manga, so I went searching for a new one to read. And I bumped against this superduper adorable manga about a first-years named Hina who bumps against someone on her first day… well bumped.. she get thrown into the huge boobs of the girl. Excuses happen and also introductions, Hina is immediately head over heels. The story follows Hina (and in one chapter also Shiki) as she becomes the basketball’s manager so she can be closer to Shiki (and well, it was also due to a misunderstanding).

Hina, I just loved that girl. She is clearly an anime/manga loving girl given her comments and how at times she totally fangirls over her senpai. Making comments like: “To think someone like her exists in the 3d world.” Or when we see Shiki through her eyes often it becomes very shoujo-esque with roses and shiny eyes. 😛 Yes, at times the fangirling got a bit too much. Not to mention the fact that she was a bit too fast with saying I love (you) to the senpai. It just felt a bit off and rushed. Then again… without that the misunderstandings wouldn’t happen.
But the girl has her heart at the right place, she is dedicated. Yes, she is doing it to get closer to Shiki, but you can also see she is starting to have fun doing it. We see her make friends with the girl, Rei, who is supposed to teach her things. We see her run to and fro to make sure everything is neat and tidy.

As I said, misunderstandings. Hina tells Shiki twice that she loves her/loves x, but Shiki totally misunderstands CONSTANTLY. The girl is clearly thick that she doesn’t get it. In the meantime we see that this does hurt Hina. She is not always showing it, but we can see she is a bit confused and sad that her senpai doesn’t see her confessions/misreads them. After a visit to a sick Shiki things escalate further and I just wanted to hug Hina, tell her that Shiki is a bit slow. Because the next chapter? Oh my. Finally. I was definitely cheering and yes also a bit crying as it took 5 chapters.

I also love Hina’s two friends who are just as “bad” as she is with anime/manga. Their comments when they met Shiki? Oh my. 😛 Shiki’s fanclub just grew.

The story is adorable, and I loved seeing Shiki and Hina together. Walking home, on that date, Shiki is really attentive and I love that. She makes sure Hina isn’t cold, gets her a drink, understands that she loves games/manga/anime.

The art is also fab, I love the character designs for everyone.

All in all, I definitely want more of this manga, it is cute and adorable, and given the last chapter in this volume I can only expect tons of great things in the next one. Eep!

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