Review for Jabari Jumps

Review for Jabari Jumps

Jabari Jumps, Gaia Cornwall, Picture Book, Children's Book, Diving BoardJabari goes to the pool with his dad and sister and he has big plans! He wants to jump from very high diving board, will he be able to do it?

This was a blind pick again, I was looking around for some interesting picture books when I found this one. I am so happy that my libraries are trying to get more English books in their collection. I was curious if our little boy would make it and jump of the diving board!

It all starts when Jabari and his family go to the swimming pool during the summer. He has big plans, he has spotted the big diving board at the pool and he tells his dad all about his big jumping plans! But, just like I expected, once he gets to the diving board he sees how high it actually is and chickens out. And I can imagine! I know the feeling exactly. The first time I went on a big diving board I was afraid, it was so high, how did all the other kids do it?

His dad is very supportive and I loved that, but I also loved how Jabari didn’t let his fear win but instead tried again. And what he does then? Yes, you will have to read the book. But it was very motivational and lovely. I was definitely cheering for this kid.

The art in this book was pretty OK, I wasn’t always a fan though, especially the faces seemed a bit weird/off, maybe the best word is uncanny valley?

But all in all a very cute and inspirational book about conquering your fear.

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