Review for Just Jaime

Review for Just Jaime

Just Jaime, Graphic NovelThe third book in the Emmie & Friends series, this time Jaime and Maya and their falling apart friendship.

This one is about the friendship between Maya and Jaime. Or well, the destruction of friendship. I was definitely looking forward to this book on friendship and the dash of drama, but it turned out I wasn’t too happy with this book. Personal events played a big role in that. It made me more pissed at Maya, and I felt tons of sympathy for Jaime. Poor Jaime.

Jaime, Maya, Grace, and Celia are a group of friends, but Jaime is noticing that they are acting funny around her. Making remarks about things she does or wears, looking at her oddly when Jaime does something Jaime-esque (aka be herself), and other things. And then there is Maya, Jaime’s best friend but she desperately seeks the popularity and that is something she only gets with Celia. We see how two besties are drifting apart and eventually breaking the friendship.

Wow, sorry Maya, but you are just a bitch. Oh boohooo I want to be fwiends with Jaime, but I also want to be fwiends with Celia and she is much much cooler and fabulous and fantastic, oh dear she is acting like a bitch, and oh no I feel so guilty, because Jaime doesn’t deserve this, but oh yes she does because she didn’t get the hint. groans and rolls her eyes Also Maya: “I’ve never been a real deep thinker.” No, we noticed, dang girl, do you have anything up there?

Celia was your classic bitchy popular girl. Thinking she is so so important and fabulous, while you could clearly see she was just insecure (during that ball event).

Sorry, this book just pissed me off at times. Probably because it hit quite close home. I am like Jaime, I am just myself, didn’t care about kissing, make-up and such until I was far in my teens. I just put on what I liked and what looked good in my eyes. I acted a bit crazy and silly. Yet, friends of mine dumped be because of that. Because I was, in their words, childish. I needed to grow up.

I just wanted to throw Celia and Maya and Grace into a river and have them drift off far far away. Dear Lord, what a couple of airheads.

Plus, I found it a bit silly how quick things were solved. It felt really rushed in my eyes, very unrealistic. I am glad with the epilogue that it turned out that Maya had to work a lot to patch things up, but still, one moment they were in limbo, then friendship broken, and then excuses.

And really? I kind of skipped over stuff as some stuff came back in either of the POVs, we just got a different perspective on it. Meh.

I did like that, just like the other books, one part is in comic style and the other is written with illustrations here and there.

So yeah, Jaime I loved (and also loved her family), Maya was a bitch (though I loved her family), Celia should just get some good comeuppance. I did like seeing the characters from other stories pop up and connect with Jaime as she was looking for new friends. There is some forgiveness as Jaime wasn’t always the nicest (gossiping). I loved seeing her connect with that one boy (and the ending had me squeeing). There was a reunion at the end which had me surprised and delighted.
So yes, there were good parts, but sorry Maya and Celia just ruined it for me. I hope the next book, yes I will keep reading, is better.

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