Review for Meet the Twitches

Review for Meet the Twitches

Meet the Twitches, Hayley Scott, Pippa Curnick, Children's Books, Green, Blue, Teacup, Bunnies, Children's Books, Cover, FamilyMeet the Twitches a family of toy bunnies… however they can come to life!

I had already seen this book on Twitter several times and I was hoping to read it one day. Last week I was at Library #1 and imagine my delight when I found this cute little book, and even in English. Bless be!

When we meet our MC, Stevie, she doesn’t have the family just yet. She in the midst of moving from a small-ish apartment to a big cottage at the countryside. She is not amused by this and is very grumpily doing all the necessary things she needs to do. But then she meets the Twitches when her grandma gives her the teacup house + all the stuff needed for the house. And of course the Twitches themselves. A family of 4 bunnies, a mom, a dad, and two kids, brother and sister. As expected, just as I would be, her mood improves… at least a tiny bit. 😛

Then the move starts and with it tons of panic (where is the Twitches dad??) and we finally see what the Twitches family really is! They are actually alive! I did feel sorry for the mom and the son as they both had items stuck to them, though sorry I also had a laugh that the item held by the son was a carrot and he HATES carrots. Poor thing. Forever stuck with a carrot. I really liked the girl bunny and her terrific brain, while the others didn’t know what to do she had a big plan.

While Stevie looks for the missing dad, the family also decides to get to it and find dad. I had a laugh at Stevie’s reactions when she saw that the family had moved from one part to another. They don’t move when she is around, so I can just imagine her feeling of confusion. I would also be scratching my head, though also be kind of curious and excited. There is magic in the air!
The search for dad was great fun, and I had a laugh at how they had to race against time to make it in Stevie’s room before she found out.

Apparently the Twitches have been in the family for a while as Stevie’s mom also comments on that the bunnies popping up in strange places also happened to her. I am curious to find out more about those adventures, but I guess these books will focus mostly on Stevie’s adventures.

I am also happy that at the end of the book Stevie is getting more comfortable at her new place, and I can’t wait to see her garden grow. I also loved what she did for the Twitches family, aww!

The book is also delightfully and fun illustrated and I just adored seeing the illustrations pop up.

I can’t wait to see what more adventures the Twitches and Stevie will get into. I hope that my library will also get the other books in this series, in English of course. crosses fingers

I would recommend this one to everyone looking for an adorable, sweet and magical book.

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