Review for No Room for a Pup!

Review for No Room for a Pup!

I received this picture book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A sweet girl wants a little puppy, but will she get it or will she have to keep dreaming? Is there room for a pup?

A relatable theme, doesn’t every kid want a pet of their own? I know I wanted pets, and I had plenty of fish, some mice and hamsters, and oh yes at times my great-aunt’s bird visited and stayed for a while. In this one a little girl wants a puppy but there just isn’t room! Or is there? I had a laugh that the girl was thinking the same way I would think if I wanted a pet, I just want a tiny pet, not an elephant!

I had a laugh at our girl’s plan though. Oh my goodness. That is quite the plan. Though I did think the chaos was a bit over the top. Yes, there are tons of animals, but if you keep a good eye on them I am sure it will be fine. Now it was just bedlam and while I was laughing I was also thinking that this all could have been easily prevented.

I won’t tell you if her plan worked, just will tell you that I was delighted with the ending. Though it also made me snort and laugh really loudly. That last page!

The art was pretty cute!

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