Review for Perfectly Peculiar Pets

Review for Perfectly Peculiar Pets

Perfectly Peculiar Pets, Yellow, Animals, Children's Books, Elli Woollard, Anja Boretzki“But why not get a different pet,
The sort to make your parents shout,
To make them faint or tear their
And whisper weakly ‘Get it out!’?”

When I spotted this one I was eager to get to reading it, Elli Woollard makes some fun books and this one sounded delightful. An ABC book about animals done in poetry.

I loved the animals chosen per letter there were some fabulous creatures in there and they are not your standard animal. So if you expect hamsters, goldfish, cats or dogs, then go to another book because this one will have rhinos, quokkas, yaks, flamingos and more special animals. Eventually I got more and more excited to see what animals we would get with the next letter. How wonderful that the author picked such special animals instead of your standard pets.

The poems are delightfully written and I loved what kind of things were written with each animal.

Then there are the fabulous illustrations which fit perfectly with the playful text and special animals.

All in all, I am sure this one will be a big hit with the kids. They can learn their ABCs but also learn about new creatures they may not just know.

Also bonus points to the last part of the book in which the author gives tips on how to write poems. Again done in that same fun way as she wrote the poems.

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