Review for Picture Day + Class Pets (Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe 1 + 2)

Review for Picture Day + Class Pets (Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe 1 + 2)

This is a combined review for book 1 and 2.

Meet Missy, a super duper royal deluxe little girl with a big attitude and tons of fabulous ideas. I was lucky to spot two of the series books at my library, and in English, and I just had to take them with me. Yes, they are short and maybe it isn’t the best idea for a library that I can only visit once every two weeks, but heck, these books were too adorable to leave.

In these two books we meet Missy and see how fabulous she is. In the first book it is time for Picture Day, an exciting day for many children. It allows them to be extra glittery and fabulous or wear something super special. As you can imagine Missy is looking forward to it, and in the first pages we see her come up with some great ideas for clothes. But mom is there to say no to it, and I am sorry, but mom please. I get that you want a cute picture of your kid to show your family, but don’t you want a picture that really captures the spirit of your kid? I was with Missy that she was very grumpy, however I did get a bit tired of her attitude after a while. Yes, you want glitter. Yes, other classmates have it much better, and yes, some don’t even care about the whole day, but still no need to be so angry at them or even tried your best friend that way.
But thankfully things get better and I had a laugh at what she and her best friend came up with and how their picture day became much better. No, I won’t tell you what happens, you will just have to read it.

Next up is Class Pets. Something that we often see in American books, classrooms with pets and the kids having to take turns to take care of them when weekends or vacations come up. Missy has great plans to take care of a trio of pets (really, her plans were just the most fabulous) but then there is a new girl in town who has plans. I wasn’t agreeing with all that Missy did, though I think if I was her age I would have done the same. She has such great plans for what pets she wants and then all that happens. And she learns something about the pets as the story continues and even wants to help (if you would call it that) the new girl and tell her about the pets. What happens when the pets get chosen had me laughing aloud and what a delight that was. Go go Missy! What a fabulous and superdeluxe ending!

Each of the books is super duper royally deluxe illustrated with fun illustrations on every page. I really love the style of the illustrations.

I would highly recommend this delightful and funny series (or well these two books) to everyone. Be sure to check out Missy’s adventures and see how glittery and fabulous she is yourself. And hopefully the library (or one of my libraries) will get the rest of the books as well. crosses fingers

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