Review for Problem at the Playground

Review for Problem at the Playground

Undersea Mystery Club, Under the Sea, Narwhal, Mermaid, Children's Book, Mystery, Cute, Colourful, Problem at the Playground , I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

How could I resist this cute looking book? A book about mermaids with a dash of mystery and fun illustrations (going by the adorable cover).

A new playground is being unveiled… but what is this? During the opening everything comes crashing down in one big giant mess. Apparently someone stole all the screws, nuts, and everything else that is supposed to hold the playground equipment together. Violet and Wally instantly perk up when they hear the word mystery, and I just loved how excited they were about the prospect of solving a mystery. They even have a clubhouse! Like any good detective should have. With some good brainfood (snacks)!

I had a laugh at the ideas Wally came up during the brainstorm and seeing Violet get more and more bored and tired of his ideas. I could imagine though given the things he comes up with. I would also have rolled my eyes. 😛

Seeing how they set to work on solving the mystery was great and then discovering the culprits was fabulous, I hadn’t expected those tiny little critters to do that, that was fun and interesting. I am glad to see how it all came together and how everything was solved.

The ending was cute, and I just love Violet’s mom. She is sweet and has a nice sense of humour.

Excuse me, I need to squee. Security Dolphins! OMG Yes! One of my favourite animals looking tough as nails, but also still adorable.

The illustrations are just so well done and so cute, I love the style and I need more of it in my life.

The book ends with some real information on some of the things we saw in this book which is always a big plus in my opinion.

All in all, recommended if you are looking for a fun book with mystery and terrific characters. Oh and cute art!

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