Review for Rose Blanche

Review for Rose Blanche

Rose Blanche, Roberto Innocenti, Picture Books, WWII, Window, GirlThe fourth book in my Banned Books Week list, and it was such an interesting and sad book.

I always have an interest in WWII and so when I spotted this book on a list with books that were often challenged/banned I knew I had to try it out. I wanted to meet Rose Blanche, find out about the secret, and see how she would react to it. And of course see why people were banning/challenging it.

We see how war comes to a tiny town where our MC lives, how tanks rolled in, how soldiers came to her town, how things got worse as time went on, and then she went into the woods to find out where a truck had gone (yes, she wanted to know more). I was really talking at my screen that it was a bad idea. I knew what she may find there.

But her reaction was amazing, yes, she was stunned, she was shocked, but instead of running, she helped. A lot of people would just have run. Even though food is getting scarcer, she tried her best. What a wonderful and magnificent girl. So brave.

The ending, OMG, I definitely hadn’t expected that and yes, I had tears in my eyes.

At the beginning I was just interested, but eventually I had goosebumps while reading.

The art was just astounding, so many details. I would love to see what more this artist has done, I want more of his art.

Definitely would recommend this one to everyone. However, maybe not the youngest children, I think this may fit older kids better.

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