Review for Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood

Review for Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood

Ben Zaehringer, Purple, Balloon, Sad Face, Comics, Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood, I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I spotted this book on here I was interested, but it wasn’t until I went on Twitter to find the artist that I saw this comic collection would be perfect for me. I read a few comics on twitter, laughed aloud, showed them to my hubbie who also laughed aloud. And then I requested the book on here.

And then two days ago I started reading this collection and OH BOY, I had so much fun reading it. The comics in there are exactly my (and also my husbands) humour. Silly, over the top, at times tiptoeing the edge of what is correct and incorrect (if that makes sense). Eventually I started whatsapping my hubbie to send him comics as I wanted to share them with him and couldn’t wait until we were both home again. We both had a lot of laughs while reading it, while I didn’t hear him laugh of course, he did send me plenty of emojis.

There is a wide variety of topics, there are comics featuring God, but also pop culture, Snow White pops by as well, Medusa (poor poor Medusa), people get stranded on islands, Mario is here, and so much more.

The style of the art fits perfectly with the comics.

All in all, highly recommended if you are looking for something silly and fun!

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