Review for Tensei Pandemic Vol.1

Review for Tensei Pandemic Vol.1

Fuyuno Nabe, Tensei Pandemic, Colourful, Red Hair, Manga, Genderbender, Blue Eyes, LGBT, RomanceWhat do you do if you are a feminine guy and want to be more guy like? Well, definitely don’t do what Hinata does in this one. 😛

I think I already tried reading this one earlier, but never got through it until yesterday. I am glad that I pushed through, yes it was a bit cringey at times, but mostly I was laughing.

This is quite a funny manga about a boy, Hinata, who is very feminine. Like so feminine that people actually confuse him for a girl. When he decides he has enough he finds an experimental something… however instead of turning more boyish.. he turns into a she. Yep. Not entirely the result that Hinata wants. Maybe next time try muscle-building and sports?

You can imagine the chaos that happens next, though I did think it was a bit unbelievable that no one saw that Hinata was now really a girl (especially since Hinata has to change along with the boys for PE). How did Hinata change? Wait until everyone is gone? That is not going to hold up for long. Not to mention Hinata’s voice got higher? Also boobs? I get that one can strap their boobs in, but Hinata has quite a handful… And Hinata doesn’t have proper binding materials, she just uses a towel. Oh well, manga logics I guess. shrugs I did think it was funny, and also sad, that Hinata kept her pee in for a whole day as she didn’t know how to pee and plus, was worried that if she peed this would mean for sure her penis was gone.

However quickly Hinata finds out that her kisses… turn other people as well. Yep, gender changing kisses, oh my. Which makes things very complicated, especially when Hinata’s first crush, Yurina, changes schools to her school…. I felt sorry for Hinata that she had to push Yurina away at times as she didn’t want her crush to be changed.

The art is pretty nice, I especially love the eyes, they are so pretty.

Yes, I will keep on reading. Will Hinata accept her new body/gender? Or will she turn back? And what about the others who changed? And what about Yurina, can Hinata stop herself from kissing the girl? Will she be able to tell Yurina about it? Making her the fourth person to know about the whole business?

I would also recommend this funny manga to all who like some genderbending, romance, and humour.

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