Review for The Bolds Go Wild

Review for The Bolds Go Wild

The bolds go wild, Julian Clary, Green, Purple, Maki, Hyenas, children's book, humour, animalsA brand-new The Bolds adventure this time with a boy who wants to be a monkey and a visit from grandma!

I was so happy that one of my libraries had this one, and in English even! I was already worried I had to wait until 2020 before the paperback would FINALLY release. No clue why the book suddenly takes ages to come out in paperback, I can’t remember the others have had that problem.

I have been trying to write a review for some time, but I just can’t find the words easily so I will do a good/not so good review!

-The jokes! So many jokes and puns again and I am loving it. I always look forward to seeing what kind of jokes we will get in each book. What will Mr. Bold have this time.
-Seeing the grandmother. I am happy that we get to see her finally and that the kids are able to see their grandmother and have a jolly old time with her. She also looks exactly how I would see her.
Though maybe she shouldn’t destroy an entire home. 😛
-Instead of an animal in need to turn into a human we have it the way around in this one and I just loved it. Not only because it was a fun new thing, but also for our tiny little monkey who could finally be herself and help out someone else.
-It was tons of fun to see them doing all sorts of things to turn him more monkey like. He was already fabulous as it was but with the help of the Bold and their friends/family they made him totally awesome. What skills!
-The reaction of the principal/headmaster. I definitely hadn’t expected her reaction, but it made me smile so so much. How wonderful. I am sure she will be a great addition to the cast.
-Finding out a bit more about Mr and Mrs. Bold.
-Meeting new animals and finding out about animals who are being human.
-The illustrations are still so so so good.
-Seeing the kids go wild and discover their hyena side was just fantastic.
-The ending was fun, what a way to bring grandma back again.
-It was quite funny to see how grandma got to her family. Poor people who encountered her/almost encountered her. 😛

Not so good:
-While I love the grandma and I understand that she has her reasons, but to do that while her son and his wife have clearly told you their existence should be hidden then don’t do what you did to your grandchildren. Sure, in the end it turned out OK, but it could have ended terribly.

All in all, a fabulous part in the series and I can’t wait for the next one.

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