Review for The Dogs of Cuba

Review for The Dogs of Cuba

Dogs of Cuba, Cuba, Dog, PhotographsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adore dogs, I just love photography books, and I love to travel to other countries, so this book was all for me. And I can say, after reading this one, that I was right. This was magnificent.

Yes, it was a shame that the quality of the photos weren’t that good, but I will blame the ARC for it. Not the first ARC with eh quality (and I have even seen worse). Other than that I just loved this photography book and how it was raw and unedited. Yes, there were quite a few photos that were clearly set up, but many others just showed dogs going their way through Cuba. Mostly it seemed to be street dogs, based on how they looked (ruffled coat, tails broken/weird, scruffy looking, etc.). But we also see Cubans with dogs. Kids, old men and their pets, young men. It was really fun to see the relationship between the Cubans and the dogs.

I loved seeing the dogs (so many different kinds), but it was also fabulous seeing Cuba. Seeing the colourful houses, the interior, the people, statues.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this photography book to all. Dog fans or Cuba fans.

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