Review for The Tea Dragon Festival

Review for The Tea Dragon Festival

Tea Dragon Festival, Colourful Cover, Dragon, Flowers, Forests, Mountain, Sky, Katie O'Neill, Graphic Novel, MagicI received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I will try to write a review for this, but I am not sure if it will be a neat one, it will be a mix of my reactions while I read + my afterthoughts. 😛 This was just so lovely and I was totally into the story and the gorgeous art.

We have 4 characters this time. Rinn who wants to cook and who knows all the good spots for food. Then there is Aedhan who Rinn finds and who is a dragon. A sleep dragon though, given that he slept for over 80 years. 😛 Then there is Erik and Hesekiel.

I also liked that we have a girl who is deaf/relies on sign language. It is just so great to have this added, I really miss having blind/deaf people in stories. There is plenty of sign language happening, especially later on during the festival.

There is a tea dragon festival coming up, and the preparations are in full swing. I was very much curious to how the festival would look and what would happen (other than drinking tons of tea).

Rinn was such a sweetie, I adored how they were able to find the yummiest foods in the forest to the point that everyone just gave them a grocery list. Yep. They are that good.

I also loved Rinn’s grandma. Trying to help out Rinn with cooking, and having plenty of fun doing it.

Erik is an adventurer and he is just in time for the festival to happen. I quite liked how he looked, and I do want to know more about his adventures. What kind of things did he experience? What kind of things did he discover?

Aedhan? I loved that dragon guy from the start. Especially since he just slept 80 years and doesn’t even know it. Good going dude, good going. I guess it was pretty boring to just sit and hang around in the house/shrine. His character design was my favourite both in dragon and human form. His colours were just so lovely.
I had a laugh at his reaction to the Tea Dragons. I guess there is indeed a big difference between a tea dragon and a true dragon.
I am glad that he feels remorseful for missing so much of the village he was supposed to watch and keep guard over. I think that if he wasn’t remorseful but rather bashful about it I wouldn’t have liked him as much as I do now.
Later on we do find out that maybe it wasn’t entirely his fault for falling asleep, phew, I am glad to hear that. Though it does make things a bit scarier as this time it was a dragon, who can live centuries, but what if the next time it is a human? Or someone else with a less big lifespan. Oh my.

We see Aedhan figure out life in the village and I loved he tried to pick up where things were left. There was even some excitement and I was just on the edge of my seat, wanting to know how this would end.

Um, hasn’t it been quite some time since Aedhan came to the village? Why is the Goatshorn girl just popping up now? 😛

I loved finding out more about the dragon language. How they communicate and I was happy that Aedhan showed us how it was done. Plus we find out more about dragons and how to shift. Eep!

It was fabulous to see how everyone made Aedhan’s home a home again. Fixing up the roof, cleaning up the weed, making sure everything is in perfect shape again.

I just adored the creature that put people/dragons/etc. to sleep. He was just gorgeous, what a lovely design. While I want to hug him I think I will stay away, just in case he puts me to sleep. 😛 I am glad with how things were resolved on that matter, that was a bit simplistic but still nicely done.

Holy wow, the festival was just absolutely stunning and gorgeous. I wish I could be there! Not looking from a screen to a page, but really there. In that village. Partying and soaking up all the lights and colours. And yes, I was crying when Rinn showed Aedhan what they made for him. That is just the sweetest thing ever.

OMG that ending. I was just squeeing in delight to what Hesekiel said to Erik. AWWW! And then there was the ending for Rinn and Aedhan, even more awww! Perfect ending!

Plus points to the information at the end about the dragons. I just love it when we get some extra information on the world and the creatures that inhabit it.

All in all a gorgeously drawn graphic novel with plenty of fun, magic, dragons, and let’s not forget tea. This book will suck you in, you will want to dive into this gorgeous world. I hope there will be another Tea Dragon book. Please? looks with puppy eyes

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