Review for To Drink Coffee with a Ghost

Review for To Drink Coffee with a Ghost

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to request this one after I liked/loved her other books. This time she talks about her deceased mother and the relationship they had. A very tumultuous it seems. Abuse, bad parenting, depression, suicide tries, and more. It was quite shocking to read, but I continued on reading as I want to expand my horizons even further, but wow, that poor woman to have to go through all this. And not just her, but also her sister. 🙁

We see how the mom eventually gets cancer, and how she died. 🙁 And so the book shifts to mourning and dealing with the loss. But we also see love and her trying to find someone to love and who loves her back.

The poems and verses and others vary from long to just a couple of words. There are also a few illustrations here and there and I did like that they were added.

Sure, I noticed that at times I tuned out a bit. Nothing against the material, I am just not the kind of girl who normally reads poetry/verses, I even tend to avoid those, but I couldn’t resist this one due to the topic + I want to expand my reading even further.

But all in all, this was a good read. I am glad I had the chance to read it. It will definitely haunt me for a while.

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