What I Hope To Read October 2019

What I Hope To Read October 2019

Morning all,

Welcome to a brand-new What I Hope To Read, this time for the spooooooky month of October! Yep, it is almost October, finally Halloween is coming, plus Fall really starts. I can finally dig into all my Halloween/spooky reads that I have collected over the past 2 months. already envisions her curling up in her favourite warm blankets and reading creepy things

For October I got a couple of books that I hope to read and a duo of pre-orders. Well, as with all the pre-orders the past months since July… I would rather call them books I NEED to buy. When I have money again. 😛

And what are my readers plans for this upcoming month? Anything you are totally hyped about?

Wayward Son, Blue, Wings, Suits, Roadtrip, Car, Road, Clouds, Rainbow Rowell, Young Adult, LGBT

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