Blog Tour ~ Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure by Larkin Emma, Nugent Paul ~ Review

Blog Tour ~ Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure by Larkin Emma, Nugent Paul ~ Review

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Welcome all to the sporty Blog Tour for Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure by Larkin Emma, Nugent Paul! I had the delight to review the book and gave it 4 stars.

Next to my review I also got information on the book/author.

Let’s get started kicks away a football

I received this book from the publisher/blog tour host in exchange of an honest review.

When I received the invitation to review this one and participate in the blog tour I just had to sign up. A book about a magical football adventure? That sounds fun. Plus the art reminded me of Becka Moor (a huge compliment to the illustrator).

I am not a pro on football, in fact I keep confusing it to soccer. 😛 Still I understand the basics of the game, though I have never heard of Gaelic Football. I have to say I find it weird to see people holding a ball and running with it, then kicking it. I guess maybe if it was a more popular sport in my country I wouldn’t have thought it weird, but the biggest ball games we have here would be soccer or hockey. And both aren’t allowing people to hold the ball like that.

I felt sorry for Izzy, she is trying so hard and her brothers are being quite mean towards her. And when her mom just send her to her room for shouting once… I felt even more sorry for her. Wow, mom is overly strict.

I loved it when the magical element came up and Izzy was teleported to a very special game! Oh my! And then the fun really started. I loved the game/match and seeing Izzy be totally and utterly amazing (and she already was that, but she levelled up). I wonder if this was a vision for later or if it was just because of her very deep wish. I would have loved to see an epilogue and see if it all came true. At least it was a big motivation for her to keep on fighting, to keep on practising.

All in all, a magical and fun book that will sure delight kids (and adults as well). If you like sports, if you like magic, if you like a girl being kick-ass? Be sure to try out this book. It got my seal of approval!


Izzy's Magical Football Adventure, Emma Larkin, Pink, Banner, Girl, Orange Headband, Green Shirt, Children's Books, Sports, FootballIzzy is a seven-year-old girl who lives in Ireland and loves all sport, especially Gaelic Football.

Izzy plays football with her brothers on a regular basis in their back garden and dreams of playing for her county in the All Ireland Ladies Football Final in Croke Park when she is older.

One day, Izzy puts on her great grandmother’s bracelet, which is made of old All Ireland medals that her great grandmother won a long time ago, and something unexpected and magical happens, which may make Izzy’s Croke Park dream a reality sooner than she expected…………….

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About the author:

Emma Larkin, Author, PhotographMy name is Emma Larkin, and I am the founder of “Emma Larkin Books” and “Rebel in Kerry Press”. I have recently written and published my first book “Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure”, and I hope to write many more books about Izzy and her adventures in sport. As may be evident from the name of my publishing imprint, I am a “Rebel in Kerry”! This means that I am originally from County Cork in Ireland, which is known as the Rebel County, but I moved to Kerry (another county in Ireland which neighbours Cork) in 2006 and have been happily living in Kerry since then, with my husband and four children. My husband is a Kerry native and we live in North Kerry, near Listowel, where my husband is from, and is an area which is rich is literary history!
I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Writing essays was my favourite part of primary school!
In my spare time, I love to run. I am very involved in my local parkrun in Listowel. I also coach ladies’ football at underage level with my local ladies’ football club and did attempt to play ladies football for a few years with my local “Gaelic4Mothers&Others Team”! I may not have been the greatest football player, but I could run! And it was an hour each week where I could exercise in a fun environment with a fantastic group of women, who I remain friends with to this day.
My inspiration to write this book was my grandmother, Maureen Hennebry, née Cashman. She was on the Cork camogie team which won the All-Ireland Camogie Championship three times in row between 1939 and 1941. She came from a family rich in GAA history, the Cashman’s of Blackrock in Cork, and is even mentioned in the following poem by the famous Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh:
Camogie Match
Patrick Kavanagh 1905 – 1967
Bright shone the sunlight on Peggy and Doreen
Wild swung the ash sticks. Be careful astoreen;
Josie is getting into her stride now,
Kathleen is hurling with all her Cork pride now.
A shout from the side-line: Mark your man, Kathleen Cody.
Kathleen pucks it. I tell you that puck was a dotie.
The game is exciting, it is indeed really,
Maureen Cashman is tackling the bold Ide O’Kiely …
In hindsight, I am in awe of the fact that my grandmother and her teammates played camogie at such a high level at a time in Ireland, where a woman’s role was predominantly to be a wife and homemaker. Which comes to my reason for writing this book, my grandmother was my inspiration to write it, but my reason for writing it was to encourage all young girls to play sports. It is crucial for our wellbeing and development and we need to make it as normal for girls to play sport as it is for boys. The growing popularity of women’s sports in Ireland and further afield is so encouraging and we need to continue to develop this. As the current 20*20 campaign says, “if she can’t see it, she can’t be it”. I hope that my book can in some way help to normalise girls playing football and that both boys and girls will enjoy reading about Izzy’s adventures!

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Izzy's Magical Football Adventure, Emma Larkin, Pink, Banner, Girl, Orange Headband, Green Shirt, Children's Books, Sports, Football

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