Library Haul 19-10-2019

Library Haul 19-10-2019

Evening all,

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Happy weekend all does a happy and sleepy dance and welcome to a new Library #2 haul!

I just love Saturdays as it means a visit to Library #2 or #3, especially #2 I just LOVE to visit as it is the only library without a book limit. This time I had plenty of book to bring back with me, only a few remained at home. Several still need to be read by my hubbie but he is just so busy he doesn’t get to reading them. For that I am also happy with the no limit of books. With the other libraries I often had to disappoint him and tell him the books had to go back, but with this I can just extend it two times before it REALLY has to go back.

Back to today’s haul, I had 11 reservations waiting for me once again, sadly the 2 books on transport still are on transport so I guess they got lost somewhere. 😛 When we got there and started bringing books back we found out that the Library system was down and in emergency mode so people could at least bring books back/borrow them. It was quite funny (and a tad confusing) as, instead of titles, you got the numbers of the code that is in a sticker inside the book. Of course this meant that the librarians couldn’t really help out people if they wanted to know about the book because they couldn’t check the system to see if it was even in the library at the moment. Sure, they could check, and often did, but books aren’t always on the right spots due to people just putting a book they are holding wherever they can if they have no interest in it any more (especially kids do this). We overheard several of conversations of librarians unable to help people and explaining to people why. Hopefully the system is back in order again.

I had tons of fun just wandering around the library and this time I really went everywhere to check for books or magazines. I kept putting books in my trolley and adding to the stack that was building up in there. Eventually I had quite a nice stack already and I still had to pick up my reservations. Teehee, that is what happens when you have no book limit. You just keep on adding books. Eventually, when I had picked up my reservations, I had to do some nice Tetris to get it all right in my trolley. Today I really reached a limit on what can fit in my trolley.

Stats: 28 books, 3 magazines. 7 non-fiction, 3 graphic novels/comics, 11 picture books, 7 fiction.

NOTE: Not all of these are on Goodreads, I will be adding them when I get to reading them.
Edit 25-10: Added several links.

Ben je mooi gezegend mee by Annemarie van Heijningen-Steenbergen
Foeksia en de bezembus by Paul van Loon
Planeet Omar: Problemen Magneet by Zanib Mian
Langs de lange Lindelaan by Arie & Romy Boomsma
Moranthologie by Caitlin Moran
Meisjesboeken by Kristine Groenhart
Droomprinsen en echte jongens by Anne West
Olle wist zeker dat hij geen bril nodig had by Joukje Akveld, Sieb Posthuma
Ufo-Alarm by Jozua Douglas
Het Grote Mysterieboek by Arwen Kleyngeld

Het gouden boek van Rintje by Sieb Posthuma
Glamour by –
Cosmopolitan by –
LINDA Meiden by –
Tim op de tegels by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Kees de Boer
De mug op de brug by Annie M.G. Schmidt
Mijn grote vriend Leeuwwitje by Jim Helmore, Richard Jones
Wacht! by Beck Stanton, Matt Stanton
De lange reis by Martin Widmark, Emilia Dziubak
The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle by David Lichfield
De verjaardag van de luiaard by Dijkstra, Peters
Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill, Maria Karipidou
De coole cowboy by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Wouter Tulp
Op avontuur met boeken by Henk Linskens
De winkelstraat by Ingela P. Arrhenius
Pim & Pom in het Rijksmuseum by Fiep Westendorp
Het grote reptielenboek by Sterrin Smalbrugge
Ontdek de oceaan by Susie Brooks, Dawn Cooper
Vrouwen in ‘t Wit by Bercovici
Hibakusha by Cinna, Barboni
Olympia by Vivés, Ruppert, Mulot

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