Library Haul 24-10-2019

Library Haul 24-10-2019

Afternoon/almost evening all,

Welcome all to a new Library Haul post, today for Library #1~ It was absolutely gorgeous weather so I thought why not visit library #1? After all I could use some new books.

I had fun walking through the library, it was nice and quiet today. I checked all my favourite spots. I didn’t find a lot of books this time, which made me sad. They should really add more English books to their collection + update their existing series (some series just have book one while there are like 4 other books in the series).

Still I am happy I went as I did find the second book from the Lockwood & Co series. Yes, Yes, I was planning to buy it but I didn’t get to it at all. Now I can still read it before the month is over. dances

Stats: 4 books. 2 non-fiction, 1 comic, 1 fiction.

NOTE: only one of the books is on Goodreads, I will be adding the rest when I read the books.

Bibliotheek Delft, Library, Books

Hotelletje in Afrika by Michiel Coolen
The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud
Pim 3 by Rob van Barneveld
Jungles by Mia Cassany, Marcos Navarro

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